SoCal Jeep Wrangler 4xe Sahara $529/mo+tax, $4800 Down

What’s up fellow Lease hackrs
My wife has been wanting a 4xe for a while and after a bunch of back and forth we got a deal set up in SoCal on a Wrangler 4xe Sahara, and then last minute she decided she wanted a different color :man_facepalming: (It’s sting-grey) We ended up not moving forward with signing, but this deal is still available from the dealer.

Down payment is kind of high, which I know is against the Lh religion but is comparable to what it would cost for some of the brokers when you add in fees, shipping, etc. it’s also in stock now. Only option it has is black hard top.

$4800 down
$529/mo +tax
$58xxx MSRP

If you are interested, shoot me a message and I’ll connect you with the dealer.

You’re going to have a rough time when brokers are advertising significantly better deals and I’m unsure if CCAP allows for transfers. My 71k rubicon has an effective lower payment than this. You might be able to sell to a dealer and not take too much of a bath.

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Appreciate that. To clarify, I didn’t sign. I just wanted to see if anyone was interested so I didn’t leave the dealer high and dry. Just trying to help him out!

It actually works out to be a better deal than most of the brokers on here when you factor in shipping to SoCal and their fees. The shipping And additional CA registration make it a fair amount higher.

@Clutch has instock/units coming at 5% off on 4xe every color since you said wife is picky

only have to add shipping + 50 smog registration to save what 3-4k? shipping wont eat into what you are saving


They’re a business not a charity, they have no issue slapping a 5k markup and selling to their next walk in.

Thanks dude. Think that’s what we are going to end up doing. He sent me the final quote yesterday. When you add in all the fees it just gets to be costly upfront. But that’s what a picky wife gets you!

It ends up at

$3000 down
$1200 shipping
$600 broker fee
$500 reg

$610/mo including tax
$59k MSRP

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You should make that clear in the title and first post.

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Why don’t you just sell it outright? Or are these not making money anymore?

hes smart and he asked for LH input before signing unlike a few people who have signed :joy:


It sounds like his wife saved them both by not wanting the paint color. Let’s not bring intelligence into this. :joy::innocent:


Let’s just close this thread now not hacker worthy.

For socal, it actually was cheaper than any of the brokers when you account for shipping and fees. Autoleaseninja charges $1750 for shipping, Clutch said shipping would be $1000-$1200. You add in their fees and CA reg, this beats them out by about $40/mo in effective payment.

If you know of a better deal in SoCal please LMK!!

Not sure I follow the logic on the registration? That’s paid whether you buy locally or out of state. I’ve done 3 wranglers out of state and all were thousands cheaper then anything I could’ve done locally in CA

I’ll go on a limb and say you’re getting a 4-5% discount on this in-stock unit?

not in california

There’s some discount on this unit to get to that monthly payment with $4800 due at signing (not $4800 down since the OP was comparing this with Clutch’s quote).

Correct. It was $4800 DAS. I didn’t see the entire breakdown but I did see his deal screen and saw they were putting the residual value at 70.87%. Think that’s pretty high for a Sahara. I think most brokers have it at 62%. Not sure how they were totaling out the cap cost reduction to accommodate.

probably an ally lease



Cole you are lucky for change of heart on color. This is not a good deal and no one on this forum would be interested in it lol sometimes I wonder about these posts “helping” the dealer lol

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