Socal honda deals! *complimentary oil and filter change - one year*

Attached screenshot. This is after firing off emails to socal dealerships and narrowing down to best quote received. 3 dealers agreed to match this FYI.

No grad discount, no down, 0 DAS. I’ll let everyone here judge and compare this deal in comparison to OPs. Everyone who pm’d me, sorry I can’t share dealer details as per the dealers request.

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Beautiful lease calculator UI!

My friend developed that company and sold it to True Car in December for $27 million :slight_smile:


Their loss True Car shoulda bought the LH calc!



Wellll there’s a little more to it that allows some slick desking for dealers

DealerScience can do some really cool stuff

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My buddy had a family owned Honda dealership in Weymouth MA for many years and he developed it while there after some time at Saleen.

Thanks for adding credibility for that calculator. I was worried people would look at “Lease calculator” title and assume I made up those numbers and put them in a calculator much like LH’s.

@finishline held up my end of the deal. Let’s see you beat this now and actually get folks on here LH worthy deals.


You simply calculated a deal on a website. Their is no offer sheet or anything on writing from a dealership that will be honoring that deal. Regardless I will beat that deal! And i dont have time to go back and forth with you on this forum. I have clients who are in need of vehicles at the moment, and i’d rather cater to helping them then wasting time on this so called “bro down”.

Finish Line Auto

Ah, I see you didn’t care to read the posts right after mine adding credibility to the tool that was used by the dealer to give me a quote. No worries, I’ve attached a lease worksheet. Waiting for you to say that I used a fancy calculator again :joy:

Oh and I’m sorry if Im taking away from your time. You must have so many customers lined up as is evident from this thread filled with people asking for quotes /s

I would strongly urge folks reading this thread to NOT give their business to a broker who is giving you a crappy deal AND isn’t being upfront with the fees they charge.

Edit: Forgot to mention, the due on delivery is waived by dealer as well. The payment on worksheet lines up to the cent from my previous screenshot which was 0 DAS

Edit2: not sure why this was flagged within 2 minutes of posting. Bots? Maybe one of the mods can explain.



Why dont you stop wasting everyones time, and go purchase the car your self. No one is asking you to do business with me. I move plenty of cars, and get plenty of direct messages. I get below invoice prices on most if not all car brands. So rather then bashing a fellow business, why don’t you have the common decency to not comment at all. After all this is a forum to help one another, learn from one another, and foster each others growth. Perhaps i may not have the best deal for this particular car, may be dealers are desperate this month and going way below invoice to strike a deal. But I can assure you I always look for the best interest of my clients i have given away plenty deals this month because it was in the best interest of the client to go directly to the dealership. I’m not trying to deepen my pockets by emptying yours. In actuality i’d rather lose a deal, then sacrifice my integrity for a few dollars.

Thank you,

Finish Line auto

Ok guys, this is getting tiresome. Let the market speak. If someone wants to do business with @finishline, they will. Otherwise, they won’t.

Enough ragging on the deal. Any further arguments will be moved to the landfill.