SOCAL Honda Civic for Sticker!

Got a 2023 White Civic Sport for sticker in socal.
No adds, or markup.
Paid Cash.

Socal is an odd beast, but its manageable.

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What atrocious times we’re living in, where people need to be thankful about buying a 140 horsepower, base model Honda Civic at MSRP.


Post some pics and the sticker! I’m curious what it came with.

Just shows that the most people can afford is a base model 140 hp Honda

140-hp!? What is this 2012? The base Civic is all the way up to 158-hp now!


I can’t tell if that’s supposed to be sarcastic lol…


I stand corrected. With that kind of neck snapping muscle under the hood, I can now see why these cars are selling for MSRP or above.

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White sport. I dont have window sticker anymore , i think they took it off and never gave it back to me


In Socal, I was getting prices at 3k over sticker.

I got it as a commuter. Theres is a lack of decent “cheap” cars. Kia fortes start at 21k, and those command 3k markup, because KIA is still really bad at inventory management.

Congrats, i had a white one too, very good gas mileage.

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its a nice car, not a nice as some other vehicles I had, but its pretty nice. I can see why car prices are so inflated now. It used to cost like 21k for these things back in 2011.