SoCal EV Assistance - Kinda Lost

I wasn’t expecting to need a new car so soon, but my E-Golf has seen better days, well it won’t see any more days. Looking at EVs. I have been traveling and just got back, and now need a car ASAP.
I went to test drive a few today.
Leaf, Bolt, ID.4(didn’t get the chance, didn’t like the salesperson), Niro, Kona.
Did not grab numbers from anyone, just wanted to drive them all, and see which ones I liked.
I am looking for 36/12 or even 36/15, and not sure it’s even a possibility for something between $250-350.

I could put money down if needed thanks to the insurance on my e-golf.
From test driving, I liked in the order: Kona, Niro, Leaf, Bolt.
From watching the boards and talking to folks I hear the best deals are probably the Bolt but wanted to see if anyone can point in the direction for possibly the Kia/Hyundai.
Reading up most say the Id.4 is not lease friendly on here, so should I skip that?
I did get a “build/price” from the Hyundai dealership, but it was like 500$ 36/10 with 5K down.

Sorry post is all over the place, trying to rationalize spending money, at the same time getting something for the money, that I won’t feel too cheated on. Looking for any assistance.


ID.4 just came out and leases really poorly, you will be far from $350 a month

I have dirt cheap Nissan Leaf deals if you decide to go that route: Socal Nissan Leaf Deals

There are a few people in the marketplace that do Kona, Niro, or Bolt

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I’ve test drove all of these and got numbers. The Chevy Bolt is by far the cheapest. It’s a $35k-$40k car depending on the trim and options but there are a lot of lease incentives for it. I was able to negotiate down to $22k after all discounts and incentives. Got a $4500 rebate on it. It’s also possible to get a $4500 grant too if you qualify for income on top of that. I actually ended up leasing the Bolt for completely free, actually pocketed about $2k after everything. The lease was a one-pay lease for $4500 36/12k before rebates and grants. There was a $3k Costco discount going at the time but not sure if that’s still ongoing.

It’s not.


Thanks everyone so far for the inputs. Figured it was not even worth it to look at the ID.4 currently. One more question I have heard through folks that if you lease the telsa they do not give option to buy at the end? is that true? Looking at all the prices of the cars just figured I would cross out all options.

Currently, this is true for the 3 and the Y.

You can cross out the Mach-E too. Same challenges as the ID.4 and likely double your budget

Lease deals are kinda bleh atm. I just grabbed the last 2020 Ioniq ev limited at a san diego dealer for $217/mo 0 down. Every other dealer wanted $300+ and brokers were about $280.

What are brokers? Are the useful? I hate the act of trying to get a new car.
I went to Escondido Hyundai to lok at the Kona, nice ,but its like 450$ to lease. (at least that is what the link they sent showed.) If i am spending that much it will not be on a Hyundai

If you go to the Marketplace section of the forum, you will find all your local brokers. They pretty much middle man the deal, which makes it very convenient because they also deliver the car as well. Some brokers charge a fee, so keep that in mind.

Omega Auto Group is prob the best broker for SoCal if you want a Hyundai. They charge a 400-500 fee, but the pricing came out better than every dealer I messaged (except the one I bought from).

Thanks narrowing it down. I think either the Niro or the Kona. Guess Ill hit them both up and see what’s good.

I think I was quoted about 250 for the Niro EX from a broker. I would have gone with the Kona, but I don’t need another SUV and there’s a 3rd trim option as opposed to 2 trims for the Ioniq. You should be able to find something a lot more reasonable than 450 though imo.

What dealership was it where you got Ioniq?

dealer was at Carlsbad

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