SoCal 2019 BMW 430i gc lease

Hi Guys this is my first post here! went to dealer last night and got a lease deal on a courtesy 430i gc ($46695 MSRP) and less than 5k miles here’s the breakdown:
$398/month + taxes
$3,888 down
36 month/10k miles
I apologize for not having rest of lease information as I am new to leasing. I just want to know how far off is this from being a good deal and what can I negotiate? Thank you all!

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Likely doesn’t matter as March will have different numbers and incentives… seems pretty bad for a loaner since it’s almost $500/month assuming a good portion of that money down is cap cost reduction. You need a lot more information to get any specific feedback. Review the pinned post on the basics of leasing.

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The MF is .00217
Residual is 56%

Huge markup on the MF… March is .0177 which equates to 1% APR increase. Residual is 57% but they are taking into account the miles (.25 per miles off the residual). RV cannot be adjusted by the dealer so it is what it is.

Lease cash dropped to $2,250 and loyalty is $2,500 (if you are eligible) for March,

To accurately assess the lease, you need selling price and incentives broken out separately ideally or you are trying to work backwards.

Also, will want to know what that $3,800 is… ensure there is no cap cost reduction (aka down payment) or dealer addons like nitrogen filled tires for $300.

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Got it! So what is the lease cash offer you mentioned and does everyone qualify for that? And it dropped from what previous value. I also have a corporate sales program certificate and in the mentions up to 2,750 off 2019 4 series leases, is that considered a guarantee? And regarding the down payment, 3888, is what they asked for, do I just ask for the breakup of this value? Is there an ideal drive off payment I should aim for?

Where’s this from? 3,8888 DAS makes me think Crevier, but Crevier usually uses base money factor. Leased 2 cars from them and it’s always base.

yes, lease cash is available for everyone and from the manufacturer, not the dealer, and applied after the final sales price is negotiated. Same as loyalty, USSA, college grad, etc as they have no impact to the dealer since it’s funded by BMW. I don’t believe the corporate sales program is not stackable with other incentives, but certainly can use it with the standard lease cash. I don’t know enough about it to comment though.

In the lease they will apply incentives as cap cost reduction (same as cash) so will be broken out separately especially since they are typically taxed. According to @BMW_Dave’s grid, it was $2,500 in February and $2,250 in March, so only a drop of $250. The reduced money factor would easily make up for that and more.

Sometimes it’s ok to take a car with a marked up MF, as some dealers prefer to heavily discount the car and then recoup some of that discount via the MF for some reason, but don’t think that’s the case here. Are you doing MSDs?

As for the $3,888, yes, ask for how that is being applied or better yet ask for a detailed deal sheet and post it here (with your personal info removed). Since tax is separate, I’m betting there is about $2K in money down in that calculator giving you the following numbers:

Why not just take this one? Higher MSRP, less down, and cheaper per month:


Or this one!


Thanks Britten440!
Can you qualify for MSD on car lease over 5k miles?

I was told no but was still the case several years ago

The composition of the down money is extremely important. If it hides your contribution to cap cost reduction the stated monthly rent is deceiving.
Look like in some examples you were given even the acquisition cost=bank fee is not part of DAS as it can be removed by slight MF increase (good for shorter lease) or rolled in. I like this “clean” leases.

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