SoCal 2018 Lexus RX350/L Deals, Need Cars Gone

Lease Support ended on 2018’s

Please text Gor at 424-278-8216 for 2019’s


what about MSDs on these cars?

You can put MSD’s if you’d like

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Just like to say what an excellent post. Take it or leave it, all the info on display and they represent good value for someone looking for these cars who doesn’t want any hassle. Hope you shift a few.


with MSDs these are quite attractive Lexus leases

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Thank you, hoping to get a few of these on the road today and tomorrow

Any RX deals?

Regular RX?

Yes even a base RX 350.

Also a great starting point to those who are not familiar with Lexus leases and willing to get their hands dirty…

This dealer would like to get as many deals done today as possible to finish up the weekend strong. If you’re interested in a Lexus that isn’t posted up top please text me at 424-278-8216 for a quote

14% off MSRP before incentives is very good for Lexus. Nice deals, especially if people take advantage of max MSDs. :+1:


Since a couple of people have already done so, please don’t ask me if my broker fee is negotiable, it’s not.

How much is the NX and RX leases with max MSD?

Please text me for quotes with MSD’s


Click on the calculator and change the numbers.


Is this deal still available?

Looks like dealer is extending deals until the end of the month. Please text me at


GX’s still available?

any deals on RX450h?

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