~SoCal~ 2018 Aston Martin DB11 V8 Demo; 5k DAS 1677+Tax 24/2500

This ad is 2 years old and we still get PM’s…

Deleted. 20202020


Whattt !!!
How much more a month so one’s actually able to drive it

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Why would you want to drive it? These cars are made to be driven to and from exotic car meets only. :joy:


Color combo? @legendsauto

What’s the over miles fee?

$1 per mile over

A DB11 is not a car you drive as daily driver. It is a work of art you install in your garage and occasionally take out for a spin to keep the internals lubricated and battery charged.

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For so much Msrp - That’s a gift

Can I register in NYC?

Sorry, just read the details