Socal 2017 B250e lease check

Southern California lease check:

MSRP 46850 (2017 w/Premium 3)
Selling Price: 42375 (10% off msrp)
-7500 federal rebate
=34875 capitalized cost
MF: .00123 (i know this is .00020 higher)
Drive off is 2101.12, Monthly is 488.12. These numbers are all including tax.

Total lease cost including tax for 3 years is $19,185.32.

What do you guys think?

(Also yes I know there are other EVs for cheaper, but I’m pretty set on the b250e so no need to discuss those cars)

That is very steep. It is on par with a GLC 300 lease which does not have the 7.5k federal rebate.

To me it looks like the residual is so terrible that you are paying for it through the nose.

yes I realize there are other cars that are cheaper. But I have other after-purchase incentives that will be stacking on to lower the price ($9500+$4500) that are only eligible for EVs.

I’ve looked into the B series for over a year. I have a friend drank the cool aid and regrets it.