So there is one problem when you lease a unicorn

When your lease is up and you go shopping for a new car, EVERYTHING feels expensive :frowning:

My $228/mo $56k BMW 330e is due back in early March and while I know the chances of finding another unicorn are slim to none, it’s hard to get my brain to recognize that my payment was an anomaly.

Anyone else run into this?


Was that with 0 DAS?

Click on his profile to find his previous forum topic about it

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Kind of.

I just willingly got out of my 2019 Volvo S60 at $185/mo (w/tax) to jump on a 2021 Camaro LT1 with manual transmission for $269/mo (w/tax). Yes the payment jumped $84/mo, but my insurance actually dropped $34/mo. Plus, it was a true sign and drive, so nothing else out of pocket.

It took a really fun car for me to get out of my unicorn lease. The Camaro is still a great deal, maybe not a unicorn but a helluva steal for a $40k 455hp sports car with a stick.

Try to make your next purchase more emotional, if you love the car you will get over the increased payment. Good luck.


Well walking is always free?


Yup…So many of us that signed leases two years ago are in this exact same position now.

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There’s still deals out there, and there always will be. It might not be the class/category of vehicle you’re looking for, but they’re out there. Might not be a bimmer, but something will be out there. Just keep checking this site to give an idea of what’s hot

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This is a good topic to discuss because I’m in the same position, my lease is up end of 2021 and the deal i got will make een the cheapest lease feel expense, meaning less car for the same or slightly higher monthly im paying now. Im not willing to jump into any lease that has a low payment, one reason is because of the options I have in my lease now I hope to find in my next lease. In the end if I can find a deal closer to what I’m paying now with the options I have i may just buyout the lease.

But yes that is a significant drawback when having a lease thats very low and that lease due back.

That’s it, there definitely are still a few gem out there, but one has to constantly be on the lookout. If I didn’t actually enjoy this, I’m not sure why I would have wasted so so so many hours :-).

I don’t think anyone is going to find the same so called unicorn like deals as they were to find two years ago on quite as many cars, and additional flexibility is definitely required. The current and (apparently still going on) holiday LT1 madness is an example. That car wasn’t even on my radar.

From an overall market perspective, what is defined as a really good deal is definitely different now. I’m actually pondering spending in the 400s for a 2 series today, a year ago I would have slapped myself silly if I even entertain such a thought. Had I posted such a deal here to this forum, I would have been eviscerated! The first comment would have been-----

“Enjoy the car! Next time come here first before signing!”



How many months were left on the volvo?

Try extending it as much as you can however I think BMW will cap you at 4 months.


Did you think of extending the lease while shopping another unicorn?

I may do that with my lease. I have MBI on my insurance that takes the coverage out past 36,000 miles and 3 years however I wouldn’t want to really spend $1000 on new tires if I’m holding it longer than the lease end date.

22 months. Volvo doesn’t allow lease transfers so I sold it to Algo (they eventually beat Vroom’s best offer).

I called BMW a week or so ago, they said they would give two months no questions asked, but you have to request it in the last 60 days of the term. They indicated they would go as long as 6 months, but they generally want an order commitment in order to do so.


Damn 22 months? Did you make and extra green selling it to them? And with that volvo s60 deal was that throught Costco?

I think the LT1 is an awesome deal however I’m more about MPGs now a days. Next unicorn might just be a hybrid.

I didn’t even get a unicorn 2.5 years ago and everything still feels expensive. too bad I don’t qualify for any conquest or anything since I returned the car back in May. I am still thinking of custom ordering a base LT1 with exhaust option and keeping it for 5+ years since I bet this will be the last NA V8 available for cheap

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Ah. Thanks for the updated information.

How did you get out if Volvo lease given that Volvo does not allow transfers? Carvana or Vroom? In that case did you have to bridge the negative equity?

No Costco was offered when I got the car in Nov 19, it was combination of really good incentives, high residual, low MF, and a dealer who had this as a demo for 1 year on the lot that he couldn’t sell. I did put down $2250 in MSDs, which I will get most back after the few hundred negative equity hit I took on the payoff.

As stated above, I sold the car to Algo. Vroom initially had the best offer, but Algo beat it by $75 and they picked up the car about 4 days after I signed the papers online. Few hundred bucks of negative equity. Not bad since I had sign and drive on the LT1. I would say 99% of my leases have required $1k total due at signing for up fronts (1st mo, acq, tax on rebates, etc).


Have you leased at least a hundred cars?

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