SO hard to find a lease that works

Currently on a 2017 MB E300 lease ending in 4 months. Hate this boat with a passion. Car before the E300 was a 335, was deceived by the E’s nice interior and made mistake switched from BMW to MB

Looking for a fun-to-drive head turner that cost no more than 1200 per month w/ 0 DAS + Max MSDs

Was really close to wrap up a bmw i8 coupe lease but it turned out having too much miles to be eligible for new car lease incentives (had to be sold / lease as used).

Then looked at BMW 840 and M850, turned out they both have $3000 loyalty.

AMG GT 2 door Coupe - its interior is a bit dated, and dealer quoted me $1600 a month with 0 DAS.

I’m pretty much giving up and will probably end up with a CPO i8 coupe (~65k for one with one year factory plus one year CPO coverage left ) + 2 year extended warranty once the E class lease ends.

With such a healthy budget, does a BMW M4 appeal? I know it’s an older platform now but it’s still pretty great and you obvs like bimmers.


yeah m4 is surely nice & sweet , and more low-key ( but fast !) than the other cars I listed in op.

But I do want something not low-key and turns head this time … currently waiting on a response from a dealer on their new i8 coupe

this was my initial quote :slight_smile:

Did you see @aronchi i8 offers? Unless you like the Pats, you can score quite a deal.

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“Fun to drive” and “head turner” rarely go together. Not in any kind of reasonable budget.

What turns heads is stuff people see in pop culture. Barges like G wagens and Range Rovers, none of which are fun to drive.

LOL, they’re offering a 3% discount on an i8? Post that in the “Worst leases you’ve ever seen” thread.


If i could sell an i8 at that discount, I’d quit my job.


Not sure I’ve ever heard the M4 described as ‘low key’ before but I guess compared to the i8 it’s a little more sedate.

It’s been quite a while since someone has tried to hack an NSX (mainly because it’s a waste of time) but surely it can’t be any worse than that i8 quote?

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I did talk to @aronchi and he’s very direct & transparent, great pleasure to work with .

But i was too late to the game and he only got one last coupe that’s grey w/ grey accent left , which I passed on due to the color combination.

Gray coupe being driven in Miami already, so long gone! 2700 a month sounds good though.

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plz don’t forget the 3k down … :nauseated_face:

“head turner” is obviously incredibly subjective. A Jag F-type grabs my attention far more than an i8, for example.


Buy a used Evora. Nobody knows what it is, turns heads, and its fun to drive. If you buy one for $40-60k you won’t lose a ton (if any) of money on it. Downside is that you have to deal with a Lotus interior.

Get a chrome wrap on the i8 that will turn heads!