So Cal c300 Options

First off, huge props to the hackr’s that make this site so effective. This is my first post. Looking for a MB C300 or similar in So Cal. Looking at dealer demo models and getting fairly high prices. I have flexibility to do a one pay since the MF’s are higher, so based on the info provided on the site that should give me the best deal.
Any suggestions for a dealer to work with in So Cal (LA area and south) or an approach to take to push the sales price lower to make these deals better? also is the demo lease program ending end of Jan and do you think that puts any pressure on dealers with a large number of demos to move them. Any helpful feedback is welcome. Thanks

One last thing, I have a current MB lease that is due in April. Any info on available incentives from MB to lease again would be appreciated. Dealer said no incentives.

Sending you a PM. /20chars

Ha, I tickled this for a minute or two just for fun and haven’t found much.

Throw it at me while you’re at it.

Anything for a trusted hackr - done.

Would love a suggestion as well if you’re able. Thanks!

My suggestion has been sold. Sorry all.