Snowbird Drama: Toyota Highlander vs. $100,000 Lamborghini - insurance drama

Hard to follow such poor writing.


Agreed - remember editors?

TL;DR - insurance customer committed fraud to save money, on the hook for the extreme cost of a car accident.


Will be interesting to see if GEICO goes after the Highlander owners.

Wow that was really badly written, like reading a google translate of a japanese light novel.

The real story, couple insures cars that they let others drive. Got caught and Geico is going to sue them for $$$$.


I am not sure how different the rates between FL & MA are but you just have to change where the car is garaged & they cover you.

This is stupid.

No, no, read between the lines.

  • Couple has had 3 accidents with Ameriprise, all with 3 drivers who are not on the policy but driving their cars.
    ** This implies they are running some kind of Insurance scam. Not confirmed but sure high on the radar
  • Couple insures car in another state (just one they happen to visit at times during the year) but never registered the car in the home state OR EVEN took the car home. Wow they just buy a car and leave it there for their ‘friend’ to Drive
  • Car gets in an accident with a super car (badly written but it appears the uninsured driver did it)
  • Ameriprise realized this and cancelled their insurance and refused to pay.
  • Geico sued Ameriprise and lost.
  • Geico gonna sue (if they haven’t yet) the MA couple who are the registered owners of the car. And of course suing the driver, but I doubt they are going to get anything from that part.

Stupid article buries it under ‘Snowbird’ terms and bad writting when it really is a case of insurance fraud.

Snowbird means they leave home for several months, not that they allow uninsured drivers Or that they buy cars that never go back to their insurance stated address.


True but my point was, that if they informed the insurance company that they’ve been garaging the vehicle in a different state (happens with kids at college) at least they would have had coverage for that state.

Also, this is definitely some kind of scam to avoid premium or something but wasn’t sure what the savings would be.

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