Snapshot of current leases in user profile?

I think it would be a good idea if we could allow users a quick glance at a forum member’s leases they have negotiated in the past. It would have to be self-reported, and I suppose it could be a signature block, but it might be nice to know if someone is giving out advice whether they have been successful themselves in the past in getting hackr-worthy deals.

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No idea how I got “Trusted Hackr” status. I do not consider any of my leases hacker worthy and some are just plain awful.


Yeah, I just have advice for what not to do. My great lease deals are just plane dumb luck from other members doing all the work and me plagiarizing the deals.

I, too, don’t know how Ursus is a trusted hackr. He’s only good for eating honey out of big yellow jars


And Grizzlying on newbies as well


Leave my man ursus alone.

To OP if you look at profiles you can gauge from their activity level. However, new members bring good info as well. Also, if anyone provides wrong info someone bound to correct it.

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Talking about trust, salesman again told me “trust me you are getting a bottom price”!
he was giving me inflated BS numbers

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