Small or midsize truck with 6 seats?

Anybody know of any nice small to midsize trucks that have 6 seats? Only thing I could find is the Ram 1500 but it’s a bit too big.

Why not look on the manufacturer websites or Google instead of asking others to do the work for you?


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There’s only like 3 options for small-mid size trucks, none of which offer a front bench seat.

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2nd and 3rd-gen Dakota could be had with front and rear benches.

you didn’t specify “new.”

I don’t mind used but looking for something not older than 2 or 3 years old.

If you want a truck with a front bench that’s made recently, you’re not getting a small/midsize. You’re in F150/Ram 1500/Silverado territory.

I once heard there’s something called “The Google”