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Hey everyone, earlier today I posted pics to Trophy Garage showing my '17 BMW i3. After numerous attempts to send a “nice bottle of your favorite spirit and/or a gift card” to @HN308 (which he didnt accept) he simply suggested to make a donation to this great site and his favorite charity (

He didnt specify the amount, but i thought the equivalent of a broker fee of $300 made sense. I encourage others to consider doing the same, the LEASEHACKR site and/or your favorite charity deserves a portion of the savings we get here. Ive only been a member for a few weeks and i discovered this site just over 2 months ago, this is truly a great community.

By my unofficial tally about 6 users have posted that they got in on this deal (wont post usernames cause i dont want them to feel pressured to take any action, that is not the goal of this post). I am sure at least a few more got in on this in the overall tristate area.

Lastly I would like to politely ask the site owners/moderators to consider providing the badge of trusted hackr to @HN308 (no, he didnt ask me to do this). I know there is a nomination thread, its a bit stale (sept’17 last post) so i thought appropriate to ask for this here.


w screenshots



That is a great gesture from you and a very generous donation you have done to without which none of us could get together and help each other out finding such deals and to the charity which takes care of Children in poverty all over the world.

You didn’t have to give such big donation but you went ahead did that which shows you are here not to just get something from the community but to give it back as well.

Thanks a lot. I really appreciate it.


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Thank you @blablabla for the generous donation. And thank you to @HN308 and the countless others who make this community what it is!


Very deserved, keep it going HN!

Anyone here needing a little incentive to “pay it forward”??? How about some good KARMA!
Guess who doesnt follow football but loves betting… yeah, I won my office pool (final score, 50% of total pool) and had no idea until I walked in this morning.

@michael you (and team) run an amazing site!!!, I have no idea how you guys pay the bills without ads everywhere (fwiw i would def click on a few links everytime i visit your site… which is daily… just saying…), but keep doing whatever you are doing.



I would also like to thank @HN308 for helping me out and watching my back. I was able to get a good deal on a 2018 Infiniti Q50 RS AWD. @HN308 didn’t want me to pay him anything as well so I just made a $50 donation to leasehackr website.

@michael Thanks for this website!


Thank you for your generous donation @skyblue1854 !

Donations go toward system reliability upgrades, which are forthcoming! We appreciate the patience.

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Thanks for the donation to the site. It will be a collective effort of donors like you and the users who share their deals that will keep the site up and running.


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