Sirius XM spams

As topic stated. Have anyone got tons of mails and phone call from Sirius XM? At the beginning they calls me every week. I have to tell them stop call me and they still call. I go registered my phone on do not call list. Now they sending mail every week. We got a few new cars last year and our mail box is flooded with xm radio junks. Any solution would help! Thank you!

Did you try “unsubscribe” link in the emails? You are welcome.

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I tried on their website and it still come in. Here are 8 mails that i haven’t threw out

I thought you were talking about emails, my bad. I get them too. It takes a long time for them to stop mailings, at least couple of months.

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Yeah, it is pretty anoying that they got our information and harassing us nonstop.

people paid 400 each subcription to fund the company start-up back in 2006 thought that they got the lifetime subscription…

Sirius was around way before 2006. And that plaintiff is an idiot for thinking he got a lifetime subscription that follows him and not his active device. When tire companies offer lifetime alignments, does the customer get it for their entire life with any vehicle? NO! Do Model S/X owners think they will get lifetime surpercharging forever with any/all Teslas they own? No!

If you know your radio id, just create an account on Sirius xm website with your credentials. You can get your radio id from the radio settings too. Once you create an account, just change your address and phone number (dummy). I have been a subscriber for several years. After every 6 months, I logon, update my phone number, call to get their never ending "promo " of 6 months for $29. Then login and put a dummy phone number and address. No more calls!


I agree with you, company need to make money somewhere, but i still think it is shady that they trick people to think that they only pay once for the subscription back on the day.

Thank you! I will do it now and put a new address in mexico or something :laughing::laughing:

I find the mailers amusing because each one is the same huge “sale” on the subscription. The price never changes but they present them as new limited time deals.

I’m not sure how I did it, but I managed to get them to stop calling me a few years ago. I do get a never-ending amount of mailers (1-2 per month), but those are actually helpful because it tells me which of my old radios is currently eligible for the 5 or 6 month promo at $5/mo. When my current promo ends, I call them up and spend 10 minutes doing the song and dance to get them to apply the promo to the radio in my car.

I cancelled over a year ago and the spam has increased just recently (past month) on the phone and junk mail. One of their mailers actually showed an enticing deal for all access and streaming. In all likelihood, not going to bite. I send their calls directly to VM.