legit site?


Submitted 2 days ago, no response yet ok anything.Still waiting. …


I submitted as well 2 days ago, got nothing plus I was getting 2015 and 2016 models. Maybe it only works for specific models.


I think they have a chat or an email you can use to contact them. When I submitted the cars, I put the WRX, Chevy Colorado, Chevy equinox and the civic. I only got a response for the civic.

#69 that’s the email that was used when I was contacted by them.

I also messaged them on Facebook. They posted my review and picture on their page today too of the deal I received. (Its written as 175 a month but that’s before tax, I got it at 190 with tax a month)


Lol, I can see why this seems suspicious. I joined a couple days ago to pm an individual who posted a crazy deal on here. Wanted to message him to get a copy of the contract so I can match it at the dealers. He told me about the site. And I went from there. I was suspicious of it which is why I asked you guys about it since you all know about cars and dealers more than I do.

I can promise you this. I had never heard of them before until I found this forum. But I will definitely use them in the future. Go with your gut, however you like, but I sure as hell am happy with the lease I signed last night and will be happy to send a picture of my contract to help someone match a deal for themselves at other dealerships!

Good luck to everyone!


I was joking, at least for the most part, and was wrong about you being “he” :slight_smile: But I’d rather try them then Honcker, which requires personal info. Please post the pic of your car in:


Oh I’m not upset, @Ursus I actually understand why it looks so suspicious. I didn’t even think about it until after I read your comment. Yeah I tried honcker as well but simplecar gave me the better quote! I will upload my picture there! Thanks again!


They must be swamped now. No response to my inquiry on Wednesday I believe. You got in at the right time Nicjan92! Hopefully they’ll catch up on all of their inquiries. And get some business. I’m always rooting for a new startup.


Ou dang im sorry! Try messaging them on Facebook, they just replied to a message I left them this morning. So I know they’re active.


I’m guessing they are slow because people are requesting quotes for other vehicles. If people are requesting for a Civic, they’d reply fast since they’ve already done at least 2 deals on it.


Yeah I agree with @Jon. I put in 4 different cars and the only offer I received was for the civic.


I asked for a Civic (but automatic) and haven’t received a response for east coast. I did notice they didn’t have all the trims listed so I had to add in special request. We’ll see I guess…


The way I did it was choose 2016 model, choose ext manual and in the special request add that you’re looking for a 2017 model not 2016. I found that weird too at first


Congrats! @nicjan92

My niece is shopping for this car. Have you asked if you could provide the sales contact at Monrovia? I’m sure they would appreciate you referring them more business? If you can’t post it here please PM me.



I did not ask, no. I didn’t think I needed to actually. But I have helped a couple individuals on here. Pm me your email address. @zcraze


I’ve asked for a quote on a Civic EX with Honda Sensing and still haven’t heard from them for 3 days now.


Yes I’m looking for a 2017 EX-T manual sedan. Didn’t see that in the drop down menu so put in memo area what I was specifically looking for. Can’t do anything else but wait.


Try emailing them or messaging them on the live chat maybe?


@Nicjan92 I wonder if Sierra Honda would match/honor your same deal if not referred by I’m thinking there are 2 scenarios: they can match/beat your deal since they don’t need to pay a referral fee OR they can’t match the deal because maybe Simplecar is subsidizing the deal somehow?


Nothing to add, but man the Civic is underrated in the looks department. Why would you get an Accord (unless you’re a family of 4+)???