Silverado 1500 LT - good deal?

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT All Star Package

Wondering about this deal:

45054 MSRP
Sales Price: 39500
Residual 60% or 27,000
Money factor 0.00009

1500 down and 299 a month with all taxes, title and registration.

Thoughts?!? Can I do better perhaps?

Bump for some help as deal ends today!

What body? Is it 4wd? GM Financial rate is .0009, not .00009.

Correct, that was a typo .0009 or 2.16% double cab 4x4

MF and residual are correct. There is $1,500 incremental lease cash to add to any dealer discount.

Do you have a GM Chevy lease or competitor lease? Those are $2,000 Farm bureau is $500? GM Card points? Costco member?

Hello Adam,

I do not currently lease any vehicles. No GM card either and I do have executive Costco membership, i.e. $700 back.

I sampled other dealers and they all seemed unable to beat this deal at this time. Question I am asking myself, should I take the plunge or wait for better discounts/incentives down the road as I don’t desperately need a truck now…

I’d go for it. Seems like a good deal