Signed XC90 R Design 2019

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**MSRP: $74235
**Selling Price: $59xxx after 4k lease cash and 1k costco
**Monthly Payment: $499 plus tax
**Cash Due at Signing: $1300 including first months, license etc
**MSD: $5500

**Annual Mileage:10k
**MF:0.00064 after MSD

**Region: Seattle Washington
Leasehackr Score:


Which dealer?
Looks like a good deal, congrats

Awesome deal! Well done, mate !

Wow good deal

Nicely done!

Nicely done. Trying to get something similar to your deal with a lower MSRP too.

I found one but it has this option

22" 5-Double Spoke Wheels w/Summer Tires$1,100

Any issues to be aware of with summer tires ?

Yeah, don’t drive them in snow.


What about from a financial perspective?

It’s $1,000 more. No idea what you mean otherwise :roll_eyes:

Great deal! A coworker of mine just picked one of these up, it looks fantastic with the R trim.

I just see people mention tires at end of lease so wanted to see if summer tires added any additional cost of replacement or if I’ll be buying tires more frequently on the lease but sounds like probably not an issue. Thanks

You bet you’ll have to replace 22" summer tires on XC90, maybe even twice. Aren’t you concerned about the ride, also?

Roughly $30/mo more for 24m if step up residual is 66%. Over 23m that’s only $690.
4 tires would be more than that.

Can one make it on one set of tires at 24m? If not, maybe 36m is the better deal after all.

It is way more than $30/mo on XC90. That’s the reason you don’t see any XC90 (and Volvo) 24 months deals. MF is high also.

Take them off, put on a set of all seasons and save the summer tires for turn in if you’re worried about cost. They don’t HAVE to be summer tires on the rims.


Good info for a Volvo Wiki :grimacing:

A 22 inch tire will likely be more expensive to replace and have limited options compared to a 20 inch.

Summer tires tend to have a different compound make up that provides excellent traction in dry conditions but they do wear faster. Also they suck in cold temps