Signed: Volvo XC90 T5 MOM AWD (Adv. Package, Multimedia) - Bay Area


I finally signed my XC90 in NorCal (Bay Area). It is not the best deal ever but I’m happy which is what matter. Extremely hard to find good deals in NorCal compared to East Coast number (and some SoCal number). Also June is much less crazy than May numbers.

MSRP: 57,090
Selling Price: 50,381 (10% discount pre incentive)
MF: .00141 (base)
RV: 61%
36 / 10k
10 MSD
Incentives (Not included in selling price) $1,250 Costco & Lease Cash $2,500
Monthly: $459 excl tax
Leasehackr Score: 10

A big THANK YOU to this forum and especially to @mllcb42 @citats @mdubdroid @silbut


Which dealership?