Signed: Volvo V60 T8 Polestar $495/mo + tax. 1st mo, 10 MSD & $805 DAS, 36/10

Edit: updated calculator link as recommend.

They were supposed to set it up as $517/mo with $0 down but for whatever reason they wrote it up with $805 down. My wife liked the $549 monthly (with 11% tax), and since that was an easy sell I didn’t have them fix it.

We qualified for a massive $10,869 in total incentives. Healthcare worker ($2000), Costco ($2000) and USAA ($500) in addition to the PHEV ($5419) and local ($950).

MSRP: $68,295
Monthly Payment: $495 pre-tax
Drive-Off Amount: $1443 + max MSD
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10K
MF: 0.00035 after max MSD
Residual: 56%
Incentives: $10,869
Region: NE
Leasehackr Score: 10.8
Leasehackr Calculator Link:


@Bostoncarconcierge ?

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Not me on this one!

Hopefully the deal was inspired by my post though :slight_smile:

Bravo! Sick car!!

11% tax? Yowza


Oh my god I’m stupid jealous of this car.


IMO nicest-looking Volvo out there. Really nice car. Enjoy!


Polestar engineered… that’s a great price with the discounts - well done and enjoy in good health.

Is PHEV the Volvo hybrid discount or local/state rebate?

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It’s the Volvo hybrid rebate for leases. It takes the place of the Federal income tax credit.


2.5% is surprisingly a great pre-incentive discount on this car - I’m so jealous I threw my phone across the room. Congrats and enjoy!


Ha! Thanks! The actual discount was around 5%. But since I rolled acquisition and fees into the monthly I had to add them to the sale price to make the calculator work.


There is no point asking who the dealer is because there are so few out there. 5% is solid - every dealer I spoke to was at MSRP.

Drive fast in good health.


You would be wrong! Sent you a PM.

That’s not how the calculator works.

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I didn’t do zero drive-off so I couldn’t do it that way. By adding the fees to the sale and taking them out of the fees section it’s effectively gross cap before incentives. It tied out exactly to my Excel formulas and lease agreement. Maybe I got lucky?

It’ll add up correctly, sure, but it results in a calculator that misrepresents the deal; you end up getting something that says you got 2.5% pre-incentive, which is an invalid data point for others to compare.

Next time, put the fees where they’re supposed to be and adjusted the down payment amount to match the DAS amount. There’s a big write up in the calculator FAQ on how to do this. That keeps all the fee and discount information accurate for deal comparison. Remember that when posting a calculator link, it is as much a tool for calculating payments as it is a medium for communicating deal details.


Thanks for explaining. I updated the original post with the corrected calculator link.

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Love the car, and the deal.

I’m curious about the healthcare worker discount. It looks like Volvo offers it through their “Affinity” program. Currently it says 5% off + $500 lease credit. Is that the program you used? Is that how you got the discount off the top? I’m a bit confused because I understand that program doesn’t allow negotiating.

No. It definitely wasn’t that. This isn’t replicable, healthcare, Costco, and availability are basically poofed.

Sorry ‘replicable without great effort or outstanding conditions’.

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Does seem they’re not around. Even XC60s.

The best Volvo deals were in May and June, in regions where all incentives could be stacked (eg midwest). And if you had your heart set on a V60 T8, I see two left i the entire US (assuming you like white).

S60s are. At least one, with $7K matte paint :slight_smile:

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