SIGNED v2: 2018 Honda Clarity Base - NEW - $1000 DAS - $282 monthly. Re-signed 1/1/19



Actually they didn’t participate with the Costco rebate program but they’ll honor it. printed out regardless and see what the dealerships say.


Honda of Oxnard participated in the Costco deal in my location and when I called they were extremely receptive. Far more so than some of the other dealerships. It’s possible they would have given an even deeper discount!


pls PM dealer details


That’s where I helped brother in law get a killer deal on Ridgeline RTL-E AWD. He saved over $6k. Pulling trigger on Clarty Touring today. Will post picks later and numbers but the monthly is $390 with $500 drive offs.


PM sent …


Can you please PM dealer info?


Same here. Looking for a clarity and would appreciate the dealer info. Thanks


Thank you for info. PM me the dealer details?


I got a quote on clarity base $353 after taxes and zero down and drive offs in SOCAL if anybody interested. 2018 model which does not include rebates. That price includes tax.


That’s a great deal for ZERO DAS with tax included assuming it’s a 36/12K lease?
Probably will get better as I heard the 2019 are arriving in Nor Cal…


That is all in including taxes on 2018 since there are no concrete discounts on 2019’s right now based on the conversation I had with the dealer yesterday while I picked up my free all weather mats and mud guards. BTW, installing mud guards on the Clarity is not easy especially the rears.


Please provide the dealer and sales person information.
I am in the market for a Honda Clarity lease.



Here in San Diego our utility and the state have their own rebates too, how does that work in a lease?


Mark can you PM me the dealer info? thx


Fill out paper work , submit and wait for check. Some dealerships will help fill paperwork but the one I went to just gave me a flyer.


Interesting, so if you have a $282 payment, and extrapolate that ~$2k in state and utility incentives, you are really knocking off another $55-60/mo from the payment. That actually sounds really good!


My Touring is $390 a month minus $55 a month for rebates and it’s $335. I don’t see any other car at MSRP at $37.8k having a low monthly like that.


I own this car, and in my opinion it’s not a $37495 car. Drives like shit. It can be economical if you drive like an old lady. Drive normally and you’re lucky to get low 30 mpg in hybrid. Aggressive driving will put you at 25-26 mpg.
Honda Sense is a menace on the road. I disabled almost everything, especially the front collision mitigation.
The 47 mile range battery lasts 31 miles of conservative highway driving at 50 degrees.
Interior is not luxurious, feels cheap and it’s very noisy. Leather seats and fake wood do not make it luxurious. Infotainment is a joke.
Windshield wipers are horrible, just horrible.

I don’t mind the car, it serves my purpose, I got it for the decent deal. Will definitely not keep it for 36 months

Honda keeps it at 37500 because they know that the federal and the states keep throwing money at it. Look at the crappy residual, essentially it’s their admission it’s a crappy or overpriced car.

Regarding leases, the touring is only worth it if it is under $300/month, net payment.
Unfortunately, only some of the states have additional $3000 ZEV rebate.


Im talking about the base as that’s the original thread.


Any dealers in So Cal have the same or better lease available? Need a new car by Mid-Feb. Thank you