SIGNED v2: 2018 Honda Clarity Base - NEW - $1000 DAS - $282 monthly. Re-signed 1/1/19



If you are in the San Diego power and electric territory, can you find out if you can apply the $1500 CVRP rebate to a SD Honda car dealer ?

It would be nice to get the $7600 Honda incentive + $1500 CVRP preauthorized credit + dealer discount on a Clarity lease if San Diego residents can…

I’d like to know if the pre-authorization thru CVRP for SDPE customers is possible and the car dealers would be willing to wait for their money - since waiting for the post sale rebate check can take months…


Not my experience.
I talked first to Norm Reevs since they had about 40 in stock and their best deal was about $3k higher that the deal i got from Corona with only 6 in stock. If dealers want to play games just walk away.


any clarity deals in Northern California?


True…we were a bit harsh. Bottom line is the sales person is just there to tell the customer which direction to turn during the test drive and point them to the finance office. It’s not their business to know the cars they are selling or to tell their customers the potential discounts they may qualify for.
So hurry up peeps! Buy them while they are hot…no questions asked.


Anyone got a deal for Honda clarity plug in hybrid lease in Southern California?


PMs sent…


Interested in what dealers everyone had a good experience with as well. Looking lease a clarity in socal soon as well. Thanks!


Heya @4sallypat, I’m looking to lease in SoCal as well, could you PM dealer info please?


PMs sent …


Will you please tell us the dealership? Thanks!


Thoughts, please?

Clarity Base Model

$24,400 price
$9,895 off HTO
1000 Due at signing
.00021 Money Factor
39% Residual Value
20,000 miles per year / 3 years
$427/month payment

My husband thinks we need to shop around further.

Thanks in advance.


Was this lease quote from a Honda dealer or broker ?
Looks like the RV is for 15K miles?

Monthly looks way too high.

Are you in So Cal ?



This was from a Honda dealer. It’s not clear if the RV is for the 15K miles or for 20K miles. I would need to get that information, but this does seem very high.


Thanks again for the assessments and tips!

We are going to call two promising dealership reps tomorrow.

Meantime, we received one additional bogus offer, and this new offer. Perhaps what is driving our offers so high is that we have to have 20K per year for 3yrs. Apparently, 60K miles affects both the money factor and the residual.

This is our latest offer that we just received (just slightly better than the offer we got yesterday from a different dealership):

2018 Clarity Plug-in Hybrid - MSRP: $34,295 Lease Price: $24,500**

Lease for 3 years with 20,000 miles/year
$1,000 Drive off with 35 monthly payments of $371.36 plus tax for $406.64**
On approved Credit with Honda Financial


Hello Everyone,

So, we are just back home after leasing our new Clarity from Sierra Glendora Honda. It was a very positive experience, and it feels as though we got a very good price.

These are our numbers:

Clarity 23,900 sales price
1095. total fees and taxes
466 less up front
595 capped fees and taxes

24, 495 gross cap cost

145.34 cap cost reduction

24,349.66 net cap cost

1000 DAS

We opted for 20K miles per year / 36 months @ $387.77 for 35 months.

(we could have gotten 18K miles @ 369.13 or 15K miles @ 341.18)

We did not get the Honda Care because that would have raised the monthly payments to approximately $450. My husband said no.

Thanks to everyone for sharing so info and experiences, and thanks, especially, to 4sallypat for so much helpful advice.


Congrats on the Clarity lease!

You did well for such a huge mileage lease!


.anyone found a good deal for a touring model?


I’m shopping around this weekend and will keep everyone posted!


Hey all. SHOP AROUND PEOPLE! I think there are still great deals out there. And MAJOR kudos again to @4sallypat for the help.

Here’s my results:

2018 Honda Clarity Plug-In Base in Gray.


@ 0.00047 MF (tier 1)

MSRP: $34,295

Gross Cap Cost: $24,912

Cap Cost reduction -$1,245

Adjusted Cap Cost = $23,666

DAS: $2119

Monthly Payment: $300 including 9.5% monthly tax in LA.

Includes Honda Care for 3 years. (Retail $540 but I think I got it for around $360 after they worked-in the numbers)


$7600 incentive is still going as of Jan 25th 2019.

  • $480 SOCAL Costco (Print it anyway and see if it helps! Non participating dealers can honor, or leverage it)

  • $100 employee eligible discount (I had a company that used TrueCar and printout out the examples showing this extra reduction. Non participating dealers may match)

My Experience:
Less 2.5 hrs out the door.
Finance up-selling: I hesitated but didn’t go for any extras but I was tempted (for 2 seconds) on the “Finish Touch Protection”(?) Wish, I researched more on the benefits/cons? For 3 years they wanted an extra $648 (+18p/m). I’m sure they could have come down. I’ll let ya’ll decide if its worth it.

Hopefully this helps.

PM me if you want dealer info.


Nice deal for January!
Great tip about Costco coupon - is that only for participating Costco / Honda dealers ??

$300 per month means you are effectively paying $230 per month when you factor in the post sales rebates from CVRP and Utility!