Signed: Updated with Photos..Jaguar F-pace Premium 30T 2019 Loaner

Hey guys wanted to get some opinions on this deal. I think I did pretty well.
First of all big shoutout to @KeithAy for forwarding me this deal!
Thanks to the brokers who gave their time, but this was the best deal for me.
And @nyclife had to give up the Yukon for this deal.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 Jaguar F-Pace 30T Premium
MSRP: $56755.00
Selling Price: 40964.54
Discount: 27.8%
Monthly Payment: $469.97
Drive-Off Amount: $600
Months: 39
Annual Mileage: 12k
MF: .00013
Residual: 53%
Region: Northeast


Congrats You DID it!
Next post photos!

I didn’t think that this would last long. This had to be considerably less than a Yukon, no?

Will do tomorrow

Yes. But the Yukon deal I had was very solid as well but I opted with the cheaper monthly

I thought you gonna steal the deal before Wakimike lol :joy:

Amazing! New here so forgive me, but is there a place to try getting deals like this? If not you got a link for the Yukon?! I got two weeks to get a car!

Nah not me, I’ve got 12 payments left on the current ride, no more negative equity for me! I actually floated this by my brother to let my dad know. He’s on his last payment and was actually eyeing a Yukon too, but it just didn’t seem worth it this month. I thought this was a better deal but he’s picky sometimes.

It was a loaner… dealer doesn’t have anymore gave the Yukon deal to a friend of mine sorry :frowning:

No worries. Like I said im new here, This is crazy how low these prices are, You see anything else let me know! Ty!

The DAS amount in the contract doesn’t say $600. Also, is the maturity date on the contract correct?

Time is not on your side but look in the forum and maybe ask brokers you will find some.

good eye, does say 39 mo. but somehow it does not add up to the maturity date. @Wakimike

I bargained down payment to $600 not sure why they have a higher number and the maturity date is definitely a mistake on their part. Didn’t even notice

This is the only amount I paid to them

What was the yukon deal?

This awesome dude. Looks even better in writing.

Yup really appreciate the tip was waiting for a lease this good for a while

Dang, that’s a crazy F-Pace deal. Congrats and enjoy it in good health!

PSA to all leasehackrs, F-Pace diesels are great cars but are probably the worst selling Jaguar. Left over 2019s will be unicorns tomorrow :unicorn:

Edit: Same goes for XJ and XF. XJs are like a mini rolls royce, actually one of my fav cars we offer.


Thank you. Yup dealer tried pushing a diesel but I wasn’t interested guess I know why now…