Signed Nissan Rogue SV+ Premium + Protection plan, $315/- ,36/15K


Signed Nissan Rogue SV+ Premium + Protection plan, $315/- ,36/15K
Learned a lot here in last couple of months. Let me know is this a good deal or Okay deal.
Choose Nissan Rogue only because they give lot of features the best one i like is Reverse Automatic breaking, Memory seat, 360 degree camera,

Year, Make, Model, and Trim:Nissan Rogue, SV with Premium Package + Exterior, interieor, Tyre protection plan.
MSRP: $31250/- +1250/- protection plan
Monthly Payment: $315/-including 9% tax.
Drive-Off Amount: $315/-including tax.
Months:36 month
Annual Mileage:15K miles
MF:0.0012 not sure.
Leasehackr Score:not sure.
Leasehackr Calculator Link:don’t know how to create.

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If so, then you should know to provide all deal details for people to evaluate. MSRP, Sell price, MF/RV, all incentive broke down etc. How are you not sure for any of these amounts, you signed the deal and have the lease sheet now?!?


Wondering why buy the protection plan on a lease?

i always lease 15 K miles, so end of lease if i ave protection plan i don’t have to replace tyres and it covers all the cosmetic damage exterior & interior.

Lol, to support your local or no so local dealer!

Seems like a good deal, which state are u in. In Texas I am not able to get anything below 350 with 0 down in December