Signed: NEW 2021 M340i - Dravit Grey - $64k MSRP - 10% off - 36/10 - $636+tax - $1800 DAS - NO MSDs

Year, Make, Model, and Trim:
MSRP: $63,620
Selling Price: $57,500
Monthly Payment: $636 + tax
Drive-Off Amount: $1,800
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10k
MF: .00082 (base)
Residual: 58%
Incentive: $1500 Lease Cash
Region: SoCal

So excited to finally find a spec I didn’t know I wanted! Already put 600 miles on her in the last 10 days, and was too busy to post.

I was in search across all of SoCal for a M340i. I really wanted to do something different than black exterior and black interior, but could not find one with HK sounds and the wheels (792M) I absolutely needed. When reaching out to this dealer, I thought it was Mineral Grey, but found it to be Dravit. I drove up to the dealer right away to see this hype.

Boy, is this color gorgeous.

I have seen better deals on here, but I am EXTREMELY happy with what I squared away for this extremely unique and specific spec of the m340i.

Tweaked a couple of photos to see what color-matched reflectors would look like. Already tinted with 20% ceramic all around. Looking to potentially do some modest spacers and call it a day.

  • Dravit Grey (Individual order)
  • Cognac Interior
  • HK Sound
  • Staggered 792m
  • Red calipers
  • No shadow line
  • Parking and driving assist


Dravit over Cognac? Yummy color combo

Congrats :clap:


That is one good lookin’ car.

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Shhhh don’t say that, you’ll anger Trism.

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That exterior color,is spectacular in every light. Enjoy!!

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Beautiful car. I went with Dravit Grey/Oyster. It’s harder to keep the interior spotless, so I think Cognac was the right choice. I did the ceramic coating as well. It’s MUCH easier to keep clean.

Enjoy it. They are so much fun to drive.

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Nice, congrats! Enjoy in good health.

That was the color I had, gorgeous in all different lights.

Color is amazing.

Btw, anyone know if Dravit Grey is now an individual color? When I was building out my M340i, I didn’t see it as an option.

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There was a shortage for a bit and they used it on the M440s. I don’t know if it’s back. Mine was a 2020 early build.


Looks amazing! Great job finding it and at a decent price (and not in black). Unless you plan on keeping it, I’d keep it as stock as possible. Also looks better without the shadowline option. Shadowline makes it look more like a 330i M Sport and this gives it a nice contrast.

Car is pretty perfect!

It is for the M340is

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Also recently got into an M340i. It’s really the perfect luxury sports sedan for me. Overall a better car than my previous Audi S5 SB.

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I started out looking at the S4 and S5 SB. So glad I decided to finally test drive the m340i when I had previously written it off for no reason.

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gd i love that color. also good deal!

For what it’s worth, colors like dravit and tanzanite have always said “individual” with a cost of $1,950 (same with Ametrin on the X5 and X7). For the M340i, tanzanite and dravit need to be built in Germany, so you need to find an allocation for a German build and then see the availability for the color, but it’s been out of the configurator for a while – since it was unavailable for a few months around late summer/early fall.

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Gorgeous car, sounds like you are enjoying it thoroughly!

anyone able to replicate this deal? looking for something similar

I can get you 10% off in-stock or an order!

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Beautiful color, congratulations! Just wish we had some M340i loaners up here in the PNW.

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