SIGNED: New 2021 BMW 330e $47.7k MSRP, $487/mo + $2000 DAS, no MSD, 36/10k

It’s a tough AF market in Los Angeles. For 3 weeks, I emailed every dealer from Santa Barbara, to Santa Clarita, to Palm Springs, to San Diego. Everyone gave me ass offers (Less than 2% off MSRP) except Valencia BMW. Here is the deal I signed today:

New BMW 330e, 36mo/10k
MSRP $47735
Selling Price: $43870 (-8.1%)
Monthly payment: $487.71
Drive off: $2000
Residual: 58% ($27686)
MF: 0.001359 (jacked up)

Rebates: -$4166 (Loyalty, OL, Incentives, CCFR) -$500 BMWCCA
Tax rate: 10.25%
Total of monthly payments $17,557.56

Did I do ok? Here is my Leasehackr calculator, which I don’t know how to use.
If you can reverse engineer a correct LH Calculator off my term sheet that would help me a lot. I jacked up the Government fees because I didn’t know what I was doing. Thanks

Feel free to PM me if you want the dealer’s email. Not sure if you can replicate this deal though (I ran my credit for an in transit car before it arrived in port and he saved it for me). Inventory is low, there were no other new 2021 330e available when I signed.

Hope this helps! Lol we are in such a dogshit market right now… Three years ago I signed a 36/10 new 2018 330e 51.3k MSRP for $414/mo $2000 DAS.


You did great for a 2021!

Unfortunately probably not replicable unless someone finds a 2021 at similar discount, 2022 don’t have nearly the same incentives yet, and the clean air rebate is decreasing. Even if you would have gotten a slightly better discount or base MF on a 2022, the numbers would have been worse.

Re calc: I think 4166 in taxed incentives.

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Thank you, brother!

How do I fill out my LH Calculator correctly?

Because I haven’t been able to get the Total monthly payments ($17,557.56), monthly payment ($487.71), Drive off ($2000), Selling Price ($43870), MF (0.001359), Tax (10.25%), and Rebates (-$4166) to ever line up… I was playing around with the numbers on the Calculator for 2 hours and I still have no idea what I’m doing :cold_sweat:

This is close:

Put the incentives as taxed incentives.
Added up the gov fees from your contract.
Adjusted down payment until it matched your DAS.

If anyone sees an error, please correct me!


Thank you for your calculator, kind sir!

It looks like the “total lease cost” of your calculator is higher at $18022.

The “total lease cost” on my uploaded term sheet is $17557.57, if I’m reading the form correctly (Monthly Payments box 6)? Is total of monthly payments = “total lease cost” on the calculator?

I’m wondering because my SIGNED data effective monthly payment is higher than my actual monthly payment… but shouldn’t my effective monthly payment be lower after BMWCCA -$500 post tax rebate? I’m worried I may be contributing inaccurate data to the community.

Thank you for your help!

The calc that @hggiys made is good enough, as long as the drive off and monthly matches with all the correct input then it’s fine. See the Total Lease Cost explanation:

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Thank you for the clarification, friend! Would this be a better ballpark then? I got the calculator to land on $487monthly, $2000 DAS though the “total lease cost” only matches when I fudge up the government fees to $992 (which should be $612)

I’m just wondering if I got a good deal… The next best offer I got was $46k MSRP $599/mo $2300 DAS (Beverly Hills BMW). But I also got plenty of insane offers like $800+/mo, $3999 DAS lol…

Here you go, but I think we’re splitting hairs.

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