Signed. NEW 2019 BMW Z4 SDrive30i for $599 per month incl. tax (SoCal) - S0 DAS

One of the few to feature Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go - Makes this roadster Los Angeles traffic compatible ;-).
Options: SF Red paint, MSport package, Black Vernasca leather, Harman Kardon, Remote Engine Start, Black 19" wheels, heated stw, moonligh black soft top, heated seats, and extended shadowline trim, Adaptive Cruise Control.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 BMW Z4 SDrive30i MSport
MSRP: $ 59,235
MSDs: no MDSs - I want to keep it easily “swap-able” :wink:
Adjusted Cap Cost: $50,284.82
Monthly Payment: $ 599 incl. tax (35 times)
Drive-Off Amount: $0 (registration, etc. and 1st months lease payment rolled into lease)
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10k
Residual: 34,948.65
Incentives: BMWFS Loyalty
Region: Los Angeles, CA

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For the future reference of others, can you provide these?

  • Pre-incentive discount
  • MF charged
  • Incentives
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Congratulations! Really nice car.

Is your DAS $0 amount meaning that somebody picked up your FMP?

Nice! MSDs would have been huge but understandable that not everyone is eager to lock up cash right now. Looks like the dealer was eager to make the numbers work right at $599 - way to go!

May want to add mileage and residual to the OP as well, unless this was new – in which case you stole it and hopefully have CCA

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$0 DAS means everything, including first month, is rolled into the next 35 payments.

Makes sense, and it is definitely a great deal.

Thanks. They factored all driveoffs, 1st payment and registration into the monthly payments of which there are 35.

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It was brand new, 96 mi on the clock. Not a loaner or used car. The residual is in the OP already.

I have no idea what the MF was. I simply told them where we needed to come out in regard of monthly payments, and that I didn t want to pay msds or any driveoffs (no registration, no fees, no downpayment, or else) at signing. Msrp was $59,235.
And yes it is a brand new car, MY 2019.

And how did you determine what this value should be or if it is a good deal?

(Why do I fear the answer to this question is going to be because it’s ~1% of MSRP?)

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Considering msrp of $59,235 and the fact that I merely pay $599 incl. tax (1 st months pay rolled into lease) for this 36/10k lease I would say it‘s a pretty good deal. My other reference is what I was quoted by other dealers for comparably priced cars -this deal came out on top by a big margin.
The Z4 is relatively a new vehicle in the lineup, and not a high volume car like a 3 or 5 series, nor are there many Z4s on dealer lots. Therefore less incentives provided by BMW.
A 2020 model year would have been significantly more.
Sorry that I disappointed you not approachIng leasing cars more systematically - but I feel I didn‘t do too bad, all things considered.
Ultimately it depends, in my 10 years of experience leasing BMWs, on the individual dealership. Do they want to move the vehicle? Do they like you and do they want to work with you? Did they fulfill their quarterly targets? Etc. Comparing to other deals posted in the forum, my approach seems to work well enough, at least for the Z4. :wink:

If you got it this month, they packed you on the money factor… Good deal either way.

I got it last day of March

Way to go! That’s a huge discount for a new one. I’m guessing Finance probably got theirs, but you still got yours with the deal overall.

There’s the kicker. That car would have been sitting at the dealership with no lease program for months and months if not taken. The dealer would have to find someone to finance that at a deep discount most likely and loose more $. Plus end of quarter is a big deal for corporate numbers, let alone end of month. Good snag

You need to add another 1000$ for loyalty and reduce mileage to 10k.

Rebate part is correct, I was going based off a 2020 and didn’t read the title. The residual for 10k is 59% and I already reduced it… The calculator saying 12k has nothing to do with what the actual 10k residual is.

The residual is correct. I meant there is 3500$ incentive for MY2019 vs 2500$ For MY 2020 if you include loyalty and OP signed 10k/ year not 12k.

The mileage in the calculator doesn’t matter, as long as the rebate % is correct.

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Oh. Just got what you saying👍