Signed New 2019 BMW 740i M Sport Xdrive $93k MSRP, Monthly $543+Tax, $1400 DAS; 24/12k

After watching everyone get amazing deals on these 7 series, I decided to hack one for myself:

**NEW 2019 BMW 740i XDrive **

MSRP: $93k
Selling Price: $66,000 (29% OFF MSRP)
Monthly Payment: $543+Tax
Cash Due at Signing: $1400
MSD: None
Incentives: Loyalty $2000

Months: 24
Annual Mileage:12,000
MF: 0.0165
Residual: 60%

Link to LH calculator:

Region: Midwest
Leasehackr Score: 12.9 years


Awesome job.

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Incredible deal, nice job!

If you haven’t already, make sure you get your BMW CCA post sale rebate! I believe it is $1500 on that car.

Did you consider MSDs?

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MSDs dropped the payment $50 but I decided not to do them in case if I want to do a transfer.
Thanks for the tip, I’ll definitely apply for the rebate

They sold you a new 7 series for 20k??? :grin:

Serious though, great deal.

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Where in the Midwest are you located I’m assuming not in chicago or you would of been hit with some extra taxes.

I’m in Chicago but since I have two addresses, one inside the city and the other one outside. I registered the car at the address outside the city so that I can avoid paying the ridiculous Cook county taxes

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I was guessing that’s why you didn’t do the MSD. With no MSD, you could probably swap that car in exactly 30 seconds. With the MSD it would take about 45 seconds :slight_smile:


What a deal. Props man.

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Great deal.

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Great Deal! I wonder if I can do the same in NY?

OP so what’s the secret in getting almost 30 percent off a 7 series? Was it a demo?

Flagship certificate and motivated dealer.

No secret here, I just told them that with the 2020’s now on the lots, the only thing that is going to make me get this car is a selling price of $65k. After some back and forth we agreed on a selling price of $66k. The ironic part about it is that this car was initially advertised at MSRP and no discount.

And this car was new with only 12 miles on it


Congrats on an amazing deal!!!

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16% actual dealer discount before flagship and before loyalty and or OL code is nothing to sneeze at either.

We have tax credits going on down here in TX so I’m thinking about pushing for 20% before flagship, loyalty and OL to get me down to the $500/mo mark. This would be on a 100K unit.

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This is an AMAZING deal. Im in Chicago also. Do you mind sharing the dealer. id be very interested in seeing if I could get something similar.

I’m a bit confused regarding the CCA rebate. Did I need to be a member before or on the date of leasing the car in order to get the rebate?

I’m asking this because I took delivery on Saturday and still not a member. Can I apply for membership today and qualify for the rebate?

This changed recently. You can now sign for a 3 yr membership and obtain the rebate within a short timeframe after the sale. Do a search on Leasehackr. You’ll find it. Congrats on your deal!!