Signed | MY23 Nissan Leaf S | $290 DAS | $290 Mo | 18m/10k Mi | MSRP $29.8k | TX Deal

Year, Make, Model, and Trim:MY23 Nissan Leaf S
MSRP: $ 29860
Drive-Off Amount: $290
Months: 18
Annual Mileage: 10K
MF: 0.0029
Residual: $26.5k
All Disc: 950 lease cash ???
Region: SowthWest, TX

Monthly PMT: $290

Few thought on sale

  • I think it is repeatable. I left alot of meat on bone. Dealers are cramming $2-$5k add on.
  • I can’t figure out how they ended up structuring the deal. Contract link is here. Can someone help setup Calculator?


why Leaf? This is 2nd car, for wife. As new driver, she struggles to drive our 4runner (height posture) and insisted on something small size cars. Since new driver, there is higher chance of fender bender. Hence $300 for 18 month made sense personally.

Regarding Nissan dealership experience: they are still old school and not easiest to deal with. Be ready for aggressive sales behavior when you hold your ground during negotiating with sales desk. It may or may not include racial generalization, affordability shaming and whole 9 yards. I understand they deal with alot of sub-prime borrower but that’s not an excuse. I guess this is part of Nissan experience and chronic through out the Nissan dealer network. I don’t want to go off topic on dealership experience but be prepared if you engage with them.


What’s the breakdown of the delta between the agreed-upon value and the cap cost?

It’s probably on the second page.

Congratulations and enjoy, hopefully your wife finds her driving confidence behind the wheel.

That is just fucked up, I’m sorry to hear that.


I had to go thru this back in 2010 and still bought the car from them :sweat_smile:…can’t fathom they still doing it…

Congrats on the car…

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Since this was a lease, did they give you anything on the $7500 Fed credit.

And although not popular hear… I love our 22 Leaf… often times more than our Telsa Model Y. :exploding_head: :exploding_head: