Signed Mercedes A220 375+tax

Year, Make, Model, and Trim:Mercedes A220
MSRP: $ 36,000
Monthly Payment: $ 375+ tax
Drive-Off Amount: $1500
Annual Mileage:10k
Residual: 59%
Incentives: $500 - corporate incentive
Region: South Florida
Leasehackr Score: 7.3

Good deal not amazing deal. Came with premium package and they included free maintenance and car protection package as well. Love the car with all the tech features.

Not a good deal. never buy/lease first model year on a new platform due to little discounts and bugs still being ironed out …


Not a good deal because it’s a new model?

Exactly, c300 probably makes more sense. A220 is so tiny you have to get out of the car to change your mind.


Makes more sense why because you think it’s too small and like a C300 better? This isn’t about you…what if that’s out of this persons price range or :gasp: they don’t like a c300? People here are so damn rude…


The complete sentence … due to small or no discounts on new models … they do not make good sense

Since the OP loves the car it makes perfect sense your original answer did not.

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Great then go post on Mercedes enthusiast forum and gush over it and tell your grandparents how you made it since you now drive the three-pointed star. But it STILL ain’t a good deal.


I don’t drive mercedes thanks, however if it’s not a good deal to YOU why don’t you explain to the OP why and being new with no incentives is not the answer.

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It’s not a good deal because it is a model that currently doesn’t lease well. Doesn’t matter if one loves the car, it’s still not a great deal. The c class will be a better lease deal.

There’s nothing rude about that.

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Nope, had that been what was actually posted…I’m also sure you can’t get a brand new C class for the same price.

I got one 43 sticker for 429 with 500 down, but it got bumped to 449 with maintenance package. Sounds like you did good. Just enjoy the car. It took me forever and tons of back and forth with a few dealers but I really like the car. Ignore the hate this car gets and the “you should have gotten a c class” some ppl always say. I think the a class has the best infotainment out right now and it always impresses people I’ve showed. I have a 2015 rc and every time I get to drive the a class I honestly feel they did wonders for drive ability with the hp. It definitely seems faster. Congrats!

Thanks for all the input. As I’ve often been told “the best wine is the wine you like” . Think this applies to cars as well. I’m very happy with the car, just wanted to post to share with the community.


I love my A220

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Hi, is it okay if you can msg me your dealership and sales? I’m in the market for an A class as well as in South FL. thanks!

bmw 3 series: ?

This is just a bad deal. Not leasehackr worthy at all.

Just posting your deal not being a leasehackr doesn’t qualify on this forum.

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