Signed: Mercedes 2019 GLC 350e 24mo/12k $418/mo $2309 DAS + 5MSD (CA)

**2019 Mercedes GLC350e + Pan roof

**MSRP: $56,565
**Selling Price: $42,685
**Monthly Payment: $418 including 8.75% OC tax
**Cash Due at Signing: $2309 (acq,dmv,upfront tax)
**Incentives: $4460 + $2K rebate + 1K Mercedes store = $7460 (included in selling price)

**Annual Mileage:12K

**Region: socal
Leasehackr Score: 10.3

**I Added Prepaid Maintenance to deal for extra $20 a month so my lease pmt is $438 w/5 MSD ($2500). Doing this dropped score to 10.1. Probably shouldn’t have done this but for extra piece of mind I did for extra $480 total.


Great deal, the discount before rebates is very strong!

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What is the $1K “Mercedes store” for? Is the $2K rebate for everyone? Can this be stacked with corporate discounts?

Looks like you got $6420 off MSRP before incentives, 11.3%. Probably good for GLCs currently.

1k Mercedes store credit can be obtained by visiting Mercedes Pop-up stores. There’s one In Orange County (south coast plaza) till end of week I think. You can google Mercedes pop-up store for more info. It’s sort of like BMW OL code . Found out about this from another member here.

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Thank you.

Can’t stack with corporate discount. Either Mercedes Benz Certificate or Fleet.

This is a great deal. Just out of curiosity - why 24mo vs 36mo? Was it a better deal based on residual and MF on the 24? And why only 5 MSDs in this case?

Also, could you please share the dealer you worked with? PM is fine if you prefer.

We wanted 24 months and it just so happen (lucky for us) that the Residual is way better so payment came out less than original estimate for 36 months.
Did only 5 MSD since we have to put our $$$ towards another investment but you can do Max 10 and will save even more. I dealt with @Calvin.MB so you can contact him for info.

Located in South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa
The Mercedes-Benz USA pop-up store is located between See’s Candies & Sugarfina in South Coast Plaza.

March 28th to May 26th
Monday – Saturday:
10:00am – 9:00pm
12:00pm – 5:30pm

MBUSA Pop-Up store visitors get a $1000 cert.

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How long do those 1k certs last?

Mine showing good for 6 months

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Just curious, you added $20 a month for maintenance. Is that for 2 oil changes in 24 months? $480?

I talked to a guy from Fletcher Jones. He said those certs last 6 months.

That’s for service A and service B. I’m sure if you go to local shop it’ll be a bit less.

Can you say where you got this deal? Hoping to get something similar.

thanks for the referral @Kv56 . Just got similar deal to yours from @Calvin.MB . He hooked up a great deal and even better service!


Thank you for your business! @syc79

What was the $2k rebate?

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You can contact @Calvin.MB. He can help you.

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Event Incentive!