Signed: Lyriq Luxury I AWD, $385/24/15k/$0DAS

  1. 2024 Cadillac Lyriq Luxury I AWD
  2. MSRP: $68,XXX
  3. Loaner demo w/ 1,089 miles
  4. 24 months/15k miles per year
  5. $385 (Total monthly $419 includes 9% PA lease tax)
  6. Total DAS $0 true sign and drive
  7. Qualifying rebates: Costco, Educator, Conquest
  8. Bonus: Two free years of EVGo charging
  9. Bonus: $75 Amazon gift card for the “test drive”.
  10. Bonus: $134 worth of my GM Rewards points (can be applied towards future lease payments).

Congrats!! Hey is there a way to find loaner vehicles online?

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I just stumbled across this one because the dealer mentioned it to me… it wasn’t listed on the inventory on their website.

Gotcha thanks.

You will have to call around and ask. I think loaners are more common than people realize but they are not listed online and the mileage limit is very low before they get punched out and can’t be leased.


Do you happen to know how demo lyriq affects RV? I found a demo with 6000 miles, and curious about how RV changes before I make an offer.

According to the lease calculator, for Cadillac there is no residual change and not even a place to put in your mileage on demo cars. I do believe there is an additional Cap Cost Reduction for retired loaners.

Did you confirm that car is actually leasable? My local dealer told me they punch their loaners at 1200 miles

Apparently it is leasable but not going to deal with that dealership. they came up with $2000 dealer discount with 1499 adds on and claim that’s the best they can do for a loaner with 6000 miles lol. Going to give a shot at the different dealer next Monday, then if it does not work out I will just probably going to reach out to broker


That color fits your lyriq very well. Congrats.

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I find it interesting on my last few EV deals how close the capitalized cost is to the residual value at the end. I do wonder what would happen if the capitalized cost falls lower than the residual value. Is a negative payment possible? Hahaha. Essentially all of the payment goes to interest/rent charge.

I believe the rebate breakdown was as follows:

  1. $3000 conquest.
  2. $1000 Costco.
  3. $500 educator.
  4. $2000 CCR/regional or vin specific rebate.
  5. $2500 loaner/demo CCR.

this happened to me. I should be getting my car delivered tomorrow and will post mine on signed. Anyways RV was less than the cap cost that dealer just decreased discount to make RV=cap cost.

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I’m thinking if I would’ve had fewer than 15,000 miles per year, same thing would’ve happened. At 10 or 12,000 miles I think the residual value would’ve been higher than the capitalized cost.

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I had a lyriq deal with a negative depreciation. I could have paid more to make it fund, but I was able to get the dealer to work with GM to figure out how to do single pay leases instead


What was the discounted price off MSRP before the rebates? Unless I missed it, I didn’t see that on the lease contract. I’m looking at a dealer demo tomorrow and wanted to know where I should push them to.

It’s in the lease contract if you look again…
Msrp 68,025
Agreed upon value 62,445

I did see that but thought it was including something else. They took $5500 off the MSRP :joy:

I seriously doubt I’ll get this dealer to go that low but I guess we will find out.