Signed: Loaner 330e $49,945 MSRP - $347.14/mo, $0 DAS... Titled In My Name!



I called the department today and was told there is still a few left, but need to hurry if I want to apply, plus it can be ended anytime soon, because she receives ~30 applications per day.
Anyway, I just expressed mailed out my application today, which will be delivered tomorrow.


Reach out to BMW San Antonio @MichaelPolak-BMWSA they have sold over 30 Nos. in the last 2 weeks. The inventory is flying.
Federal credit is via form 8936 along with regular filing apart from the deductions and itemization’s.

Good Luck.


Are you related to the late Vasek Polak, famed racer and BMW dealer?


Got my 330e yesterday from BMW of San Antonio. Thanks @andyecon and @MichaelPolak-BMWSA

MSRP: 47,695
Payment: 365/month with 0 down
Term: 24 Months
Miles: 10,000/year


Pulled trigger yesterday as well. Loaner with 2k miles.

MSRP : 52,xxx
Payment: $383 with 0 down
Term : 24/15k

Thanks all.


Thanks for the update. trying to work with @MichaelPolak-BMWSA to get one of these.
Did you guys drive to San Antonio to sign the paperwork and pickup the vehicle (if you are not local to SA)?


Yes. I drove down yesterday to pick it up. If you are planning to go there, please make sure you are okay with the deal before you go there. They don’t do anything better (at least in my case) once we go there even they say they can do !


Drove as well. And just like the other poster said, finalize the deal before you head out.


I did all email/text from Austin.


I’m in Dallas area. Is this still available? Willing to go down to SA to pick up the vehicle. Thanks!


Read thread, you can contact the dealership and start negotiating.


Just talked with the officer who is reviewing my case. “There are still 150 spots available for applications, which is estimated to bw filled out by the coming Wednesday”. If you are interest, donot wait.


Do we know if we can qualify for 2 rebates for two people (one for each) living in the same household?


Yes, you can. I have asked the officer. It can be the same applicant as long as the vehicles are different.


Hey man! How do you get in touch with this said officer? I have couple questions about my eligibility for the state rebate that I would like to know the answers too.


PMed you.101010


I bought my vehicle yesterday for $382 with 2 yrs /12K miles per year (did not have the BMW loyalty, otherwise payment would have been $30 cheaper). The MSRP on this car is $50K. Thank you @MichaelPolak-BMWSA and rest of the Hackers who have been so helpful with lots of useful information.


Question on the state rebate -
The checklist says, one of the following is needed to verify the texas title and registration
- copies of current title and registration documents or
- receipt of application for Texas title and Registration issued by the Texas DMV or
- copy of the completed application for Texas title and registration signed by both the buyer and seller

BMW SA provided me the “Buyers tag receipt - buyers copy”. This is the only document I received apart from “Motor Vehicle Retail installment Contract - Texas” and the copy of the yellow sale document.
Do you know if the “Buyers tag receipt - buyers copy” satisfies the above requirement or anything else I need to get from the dealership?
Thanks in advance


You will need the dealership to email or fax the loan documents and the completed application for Texas title.


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