Signed: Loaner 330e $49,945 MSRP - $347.14/mo, $0 DAS... Titled In My Name!



I guess it makes sense since the captives are a national entity. These credits make more sense going back to the dealers so they can disburse it as they see fit.

Thanks for pointing that stuff out guys.


Owners choice do not have a guaranteed value at the end, from my experience. YMMV


$6000 lease cash is gone for March.


Owner’s Choice acts like a lease. You have a monthly payment for a set time and mileage. When done, return the car and walk away. Differences are no acquisition fee; in Texas: if you buy the car for the remaining balance, you do not owe sales tax (on a lease, you would pay once at the beginning of the lease and again on the buyout price).

Reference: I have a leased 2016 BMW 328i & an Owner’s Choice 2016 X1.


March 1st. I’m guessing the 2018s are no longer leasable.


I have contradictory data point. According to 2 different Lexus dealer, tax credits are offered by LFS and not them. I visited 2 dealers in DFW when shopping for GX460 in December. Both cited that LFS was offering tax rebate on RX and NX.

I eventually got the tax credit but they kept mentioning that it was LFS decision and not dealer’s. However, car sales is least trust worthy professional group IMO (No offense to honest dealers here).


2018 is still leasable for March. Just checked with the other posts.


It may not matter for Texas, because the Owner’s Choice is not a lease, but instead a loan. As long as they will sell the car as new, you can finance it that way (at least that is my understanding).

Now, if they stopped giving $6-7k in incentives and if dealerships don’t have numbers to hit right at this moment, then the prices may not be nearly as good as they were yesterday.


Go to the BMW USA site and look at Lease and Finance Offers. Leases are still available, but the incentive cash is gone for most models. Spring is coming and cars sell for higher prices. Less need to incentivize.


I know what you mean, I’ve been told so many contradictory things by dealers in Texas. Last August when I was trading in one vehicle for another I was told by different dealers I can offset the sales tax on the trade in, but others said I could not. I need to make friends with a good sales or financial manager at a dealership here and maybe we’d get definitive answers.


The BMM website shows $6000 lease credit until 4/1/2019 and East and West coast up$500 at $7000 lease credit.


It’s Back!

Cruel that they pulled it from the web site for a day.


Yup. I was feeling bad but dealer told me to come back from vacation as they are ending this month.


Nice, maybe you can get the sales tax credit and get the ultimate deal!


Wait, 330e is back in play??


Yup, sounds like the $6k incentives remain this month. So if somebody can get a good % discount and the sales tax credit, then they would be down near $0 a month on my deal. That said, the Texas electric car rebates are going fast!


Nice - I don’t think I qualify since I live in FL. Would they still have to charge me TX tax?

Did you buy from San Antonio?


I don’t know how it works for non-TX residents, but yes, I bought from BMW San Antonio


Texas Rebate wont work if the car is leased or bought from non-tx states.


I have never herd of a Select, aka ballon Payment or owners choice having a option to return the vehicle after? Normally it was trade it in or purchase it for the remaining portion and I was with BMW for 3 years as a internet Sales Manger in CA. Maybe a State by State thing?