Signed: Loaner 330e $49,945 MSRP - $347.14/mo, $0 DAS... Titled In My Name!



Thanks, I had run my VIN before signing and understood this to mean the same thing.


Can tax credits be applied to Owner’s Choixe programs too? Imagine if @andyecon was able to stack that too.


He already accounted for the 4001 federal tax credit. Assuming he has a tax liability of that much, but then again, who wouldn’t.


Exactly. Now, if I had loyalty and an OL to stack…


@andyecon what about your power company? I know California (sce and pge) offers some rebates too.


Then again, that state ev rebate is HUGE for a 330e. California does not offer a penny for the 330e!


Tax credits is different from the federal tax credit/rebate. Texas charges sales tax on the entire sales price of a vehicle (even on a lease), but some dealers/manufacturers offer tax credits to offset the sales tax.


I will check with my power company, good point. They did give me unlimited charging for six months at stations around Austin for $25.


I paid the Texas sales tax, but we also ave a PHEV rebate program. It will be $2500, but I have to get the app in quickly because they’re running low on credits.


Oh you were talking about the Texas tax credits - gotcha.


Yes, I understand that. Probably cost you an additional $2k+ overall. Imagine if the dealer applied tax credits and you didn’t need to pay that.


Are those state tax credits an arbitrary amount? Like does the captive or dealer just choose an amount at their discretion or do they have an allotted amount they can spend per car/month? I’ve always wondered that.


Ahh, I see! I didn’t ask them to do that, but maybe I should have… I would have made a few bucks!


Texas sales tax credits are bizarre. Basically if I trade my car in or return my leased vehicle the tax I overpaid is given to the dealership in the form of tax credits. The dealership chain then decides how they want to dole those credits out, whether for sales events, for low sales periods, to move old stock, etc.

If you know about them they are excellent as most dealers will then set your sales tax rate to around 1%. Combine that with BMW Owners Choice and the right PHEV and you have the best deal in the country.


So tax credits have nothing to do with the manufacturers (captive bank) and is totally up to individual dealers?


That’s right, it’s down to the dealership chain as they’re the ones given the tax credits, not the manufacturer or finance company. I’ve realised as well that a dealership chain like Sewells use tax credits for their Audi, Mercedes, Infiniti, etc stores in the same way, while you can visit another Audi or Mercedes dealership from another chain and they’ll use them in a completely different way.

We did start a loose thread a while ago trying to pool information and availability info but with the numbers of dealers it’s difficult.


Congrats man. We are now unicorn 330e buddies lol


I see OWNERS CHOICE BALLOON FINANCING and SELECT BALLOON FINANCING on BMW website. Anyone knows what’s the difference between them except states where the program is valid?


Wow! Hackr of the year!


I don’t think Select has a return option.