Signed: Loaded 2019 TrailBoss Crewcab - $410/month only first month DAS

I recently signed a 2019 Trailboss Crewcab (Fully loaded with leather, safety package, convenience package, off-road appearance package, etc.) and wanted to share this information. I am really not too sure how to fill out that lease calculator, so here are my terms:

MSRP: $59,995
Selling price: $51,997
39 months, 12k miles a year
65% residual
Taxes, Licensing, DMV, and $720 of remaining payments from prior lease rolled in
APR: 2.86%
Rebates: $5500
$410 due at signing, $410 a month

Sorry if this isn’t formatted properly, or not enough information. I figured I’d pass along this information for others looking to get into a similar truck. Let me know if you have any additional questions, or if I can provide more information.


Great deal.

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That’s an awesome deal. I wonder if I can get close to that deal in Texas?

@Race Maybe if u can get tax credits u may can come close.

Post pics!

@Race You may be able to! It took me approx 1.5 months to get a deal like this. For reference, closest offer to this was $490. The next closest was $530. I know I scored a couple decent deals on Custom TB’s (double cab - $350, and Crew $380), but I held out for the features and am glad I did. I qualified for a number of discounts, and received a voucher from GM for 2k down on a Silverado and 1k towards on my current lease at the time.

@Yinzer I will take some! Haven’t had much of a chance to drive it.

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Seems like a great deal.
I am casting a wide net and have checked out Silverado’s in my region (Colorado). With a 10% discount on a lightly optioned LT ($43K MSRP) Double Cab before incentives ($3,500 total incentives) I would be at $354/month with $0 drive offs on a 36/12 lease. A crew cab is 2/10th of a percent lower rate fwiw.
While certainly not apples to apples it’s an Interesting comparison. You got approx. $17K more MSRP for $56/month.
Just comparing as I continue to evaluate my options.

I cast a 250 mile range (essentially what I was willing to drive) in order to secure the deal. I think most dealers were trying to sway me into going the LT/RST route. The RST’s didn’t lease that well (best I got on a crewcab was 450 with $500 DAS). A suggestion would be to not budge on the features/trim level you want, it seems as though they’ll try and make you compromise in order to get you into a vehicle they have on the lot. I also think that the incentives on the 19’s are really good right now compared to the 20’s. If there’s any more info I can provide to help, let me know!

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What site did you use to cast your net? I’m looking for this exact truck. And congratulations btw! Dont even know you and I’m excited for you!

Yes, after quickly throwing some #'s together the slightly higher residuals and very slightly lower MF on the higher end models could actually be better. I may look and see what 36/10 or 48/10 #'s look like as well.

@Spatacuulous Thanks, man! I google’d Chevy dealerships in the local area and checked their stocks for 19’ LT TB’s. If you reach out via email, or phone, and you give them the exact stock number/terms you want (and they are actually willing to work with you), you’ll get numbers quicker. I drove 80 miles to pick up the truck, after driving there to test drive it and make sure it was what I wanted.

@Mark_H Good luck! It’s a hit or miss depending on the salesperson. Some simply run the numbers and others will try and give you competitive rates. What I did find was that 39 months leased the best over 24 and 36 regardless of trim level (didn’t even try for 48). I would’ve seriously considered an RST if it came out to be cheaper, but it never did.

I’m not dealing with any salespeople, no need to do that until it’s time to shotgun offers to dealers. With the correct Money Factors and residuals for each year and model/trim you just have to do the math on the calculator here then formulate the offer(s) you want to make to dealers.
Thanks and I’m looking forward to possibly getting a Silverado myself soon.

I see. I haven’t had experience with that approach, but am intrigued by it. Let me know how it goes. I am curious to hear how that works for you. Good luck with your search!

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These are the types of quotes I’m getting. MSRP is $56,515 Residual is 65% and MF is 0.00167. $0 down towards cap cost. They are giving me 8.1% off MSRP. Monthly payment $622 - Drive off $1136. Any suggestions for how to work this deal down closer to the $500 level?

[Here is the calculator link](http://

Here is the Truck:

Looks like you’re working numbers on a 2020. Should find a 19’ somewhere in stock and work with that dealer. I was not budging on a only first month at drive off either, which would make the numbers a bit different. I didn’t work many RST’s (only if the TB wasn’t in stock), but got one loaded down to the 450 with 500 das. Does this quote account for tier 1 credit? I also qualified for a number of incentives that got added in (supplier, friends and family, current silverado lease). Make sure to get the ones you qualify for accounted in these quotes!

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Yeah the 2020’s I’ve narrowed to V6’s to be able to be in the zone for payment. I don’t mind that at all, I mean I 'like" V8’s but I don’t tow anything and I don’t need the acceleration. However it’s nowhere near “loaded” which I do not like. I’m honestly jealous of your deal which is why this whole site exisits I think LOL.