Signed Lexus UX250h 38.3 MSRP 2000 TDAS 386+tax

Tried to hack a UX250h, this is the best I could do for a non F Sport base with Premium and a few common extras:

MSRP 38,303

Sale 34020 not including rebate 2000


Resid 51%

9x MSDs 4500 (based on pre MSD payment for some reason)

MF- 0.00073 I’m guessing buy rate but I only cared about TDAS and payment so actual number didn’t matter to me

TDAS 2000 incl fees, 1st month etc

Monthly = 386 + tax

Had some quotes at over 500 for same msrp and TDAS; lowest I got was 382 but chose this one for the color combo.

An NX would have been less but that’s the way leases are. This deal was not a hack by any means but I haggled a lot and seemed to have hit a ceiling on the discount, at least in LA/OC. Hopefully a good data point for anyone wanting to lease one of these. Probably better to buy money wise, but I am guessing Carvana will buy it for more than 19000 in 3 years, no hassle, so prefer the lease route

Would an NX really have been less? I went to Lexus last week, and I was quoted more, so I’m just curious. It looks like a good price for the area, and I’m glad you were able to find the color combo you wanted. Thanks for sharing.

NX with less miles would be less or about the same.

Forgot to mention all negotiations were via sms and signing was at home. The ohhhhnly way to lease :blush:

i would have waited until November when Lexus December to Remember starts, right now the leases aren’t all that great on any model.

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Forgot to mention all negotiations were via sms and signing was at home. The ohhhhnly way to lease

Great stuff

OP, if you liked the car then that’s great but you definitely could have gotten an NX or even an x1/x2 for less.

ux has a great design but its a bit small – MPG is great – good second commuter car – wait for it to dip into the $200s – lets see

I’m looking to lease this for my mother since she’s down to her last 6 months with her 2017 RX 350. What annual mileage did you sign up for?

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