Signed Lease. 2020 Honda Civic LX $159/month incl taxes with $1500 DAS 36 months/12K

Hello once again,
I signed the lease for 2020 Civic LX.
I wanted to share the deal details here. I don’t know if I got screwed or I got a good deal. Anyways this is signed and done. But I need feedback for future reference.
The only thing that was throwing me off of the rails and confused the heck out of me was that they never put the MSRP on the Lease agreement. The only place that the MSRP was present was on the window sticker.

If you are interested in the dealership name, DM me. Hopefully I wasn’t screwed haha

2020, Honda, Civic, LX:
MSRP: $21,480
Monthly Payment: $159.82
Drive-Off Amount: $1,500
Annual Mileage: 12,000
MF: 0.00181
Residual: $12,888 (%61)
Region: SoCal

I’m open to all feedback, opinion, praise :smile:, or shame.