SIGNED: Ioniq 5 Limited RWD | 24/12k | $9050 one-pay

Signed and took delivery last night in Socal!

One-pay: $9050 (also included delivery from the dealer, which would have been a $75 uber for me)
MSRP: $53500 (excluding $295 in added features)

Digital Teal / Dark Green

My last lease (which was not great :smiling_face_with_tear:) ended last month and I wanted to replace with an Ioniq 5 Limited RWD. I started checking marketplace regularly a couple of months ago, and while there were seemed to be good deals, the inventory in LA seemed fairly high, so I decided to see if pricing got even better. I was also looking at a one-pay b/c it made shopping easier.

Fast-forward to mid-June, I noticed the deals were getting slightly better (but still around ~$10000), and finally last week, there was a flash sale from one broker to ~$8800, which I was inclined to take given my bad experience leasing last time, but decided to call dealers anyway not expecting to be able to get a competitive offer.

So this weekend, I contacted the ~35 dealers within a 100mi radius of me. There was mostly a mix of:

  1. can’t get close to that deal. we’d be offering $14k (+ some saying that the $8800 is a really good deal and that I should take it)
  2. that’s a forum post (I sent them the broker post on leasehackr), send me something real
  3. expressing interest and taking my contact info, but never actually calling me back
  4. we don’t do one-pay leases

But after the ~20th call, one dealer made a competitive offer (cheaper than the broker offer, if the broker fee is included), and then I called another set of dealers, got 3 more competitive offers. I decided to go with the first dealer I contacted b/c they had the color scheme I wanted and they were able to best the offers from the other 3.

I may have been able to negotiate down a bit more (maybe sub-$9000?), but I decided to take good enough (based off of marketplace and previously posted signed deals) and call it a day.


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nice work! My brain was melting after a few dealers saying they couldn’t match the broker on the SEL rwd. So I just went with the broker and it’s still a great deal. I’m glad I pulled the trigger at the end of the month because prices have gone UP.

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I think your MSRP isn’t including the $1395 freight fee. Looks like they’re adding in some kind of discount or discretionary rebate. I took the broker deal on the Limited RWD in June at $10,178 @ 10.25% tax rate plus the broker fee. Looks like the same deal is now about $250 cheaper on the Limited RWD. The SEL RWDs are now more expensive than the Limiteds to lease.

Sounds like a very solid deal. Mind sharing which dealer was it from? Looking for Ioniq 5 limited or Disney edition for wife

Is the MSRP I enter supposed to include it? I just took whatever the window sticker said was the MSRP (which excludes the dealer addons).

Yes, MSRP should include freight which all manufacturers charge. Also any stuff like cargo mats and nets etc. that they charge extra for. Normally it’s tallied up for you on the lower right portion of the window sticker. You can also configure the car on the Hyundai website to get the “official” MSRP. The cheapest you can configure the Limited RWD on the Hyundai site is $54,895. Mine was $55,500 I believe.