Signed - FL/AL 2020 IS350 Fsport, 36/10k, $410 monthly, $410 DAS

Signed IS350 Fsport deal.

I live in the Tampa Bay Area, and after searching every dealer in the state, along with Georgia and Alabama, I was finally able to find a dealer willing to play ball despite the extremely limited inventory everywhere. Just signed and met the dealer in Tallahassee yesterday.

Let me know what you think!

Term: 36/10k
MSRP: $47,715
Sale Price: $43,278.03 (9.3% dealer discount)
Rebates: $5000 lease cash + $1000 loyalty
MF: .0003
Residual: 55%
Tax, Tag, Fees: $1862.61
Adjusted Cap Cost: $39,140.64
DAS: $410.00 (First Month Payment)
Pretax Monthly Payment: $377.88
Monthly Payment w/ Tax: $410.00 (8.5% Tax Rate)

Did not use MSD, rather keep our savings liquid due to virus concerns, etc. Dealer started the odometer reading at 325 miles so that the mileage to pick up the car in Tallahassee was not included in my 30k miles.


Congratulations! Very good deal and Im glad you were able to find one in time!

Thanks Mani! It was a pleasure chatting with you, I appreciate it!