Signed + feedback please : 2020 Land Rover Range Rover Velar P250 S - $630/mo - $0 down

New 2020 Land RoverRange Rover Velar S AWD P250 S SUV
MSRP: $59,075
36 months
10k miles

I did not know all of the numbers to put into the calculator (money factor, selling price, etc)

How did I do?

That’s not a lease contract :slight_smile:

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It’s an unfortunate deal that’s what it is. :upside_down_face:


It’s a done deal - Enjoy!


Wait lol what does this mean? Bad deal? Good Deal? Ok deal?

You didn’t post a contract so what’s there to assess?


This is all the dealership gave me.

Whatever we discussed is on this paper and I posted car details. Ugh all of this is so confusing.

So what did you sign?

Did you sit with finance and sign a contract?

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Just this. I sat with salesperson. I cropped rest of this document and erased all dealership info. They ran my credit and I paid 3k upfront fees. I’m picking up car on Friday

Yikes. My best guess is a minimal discount, sub 2% and base, or a combination to get you around there of discount and markup.


Lol “$0 down.” Thought this was actually decent as a zero das.

Enjoy the car. Velar has very sexy lines and is irrationally appealing to me.


Sorry if I am using incorrect terms. When I say $0 down, I mean I paid $0 toward cap cost reduction. I paid $3k for taxes, acquisition, and fees

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So this dealers contract doesn’t have purchase price, residual, or anything else?

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nope, just this.


I also have this but it was before I got him down another $5/mo. to finally land at $630/mo.

Next time I’m bringing you guys with me.

I don’t think you signed a contract

I think you signed a P&S and gave them a deposit…


If you’re in New York and this is all you signed you don’t have a car lease.


Do you have possession of the car?

No pickup Friday

Keep up!


My bad! I missed that one.

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