Signed contract, but feels like I was played out

Yeah, I hope this feeling goes away soon. Don’t really want to think about too much…

They had a paperwork with all disclosures about damages as it is considered as used.

Yes, maintenance is the same. They tried to upsell maintenance upgrade programs :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t worry about it. 12 miles is nothing, just moving it around from one lot to another can add miles(from what I see a lot of dealers do when they have a big showroom but small lot, so they park most of their cars on other lots). It may have been imported to be used as a demo but it wasn’t. That’s what I would run with and not fret about anything else, it’s only 3 years then it’s gone and someone else’s headache.

So were there damages listed on that paperwork?

Oh…no…I was very excited, but I would have not signed it if there was a single damage listed…

It’s a lease. Doesn’t matter. Enjoy the car and return it after 3 years.

Seems like you made out ok. Enjoy.

i laughed out loud at the fart comment. congrats to you sir. @mp11477

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Thank you. Enjoy the car.

You got a great deal, so you should enjoy the X5. Should they have told you that they punched the car - yes probably, but this happens all the time.

The X5 had only 12 miles on it… Thats a new car.

You are complaining that it is a used car but it isn’t a used car? Sorry, I don’t follow. Also, you created ANOTHER thread for this car, give us a break.