Signed contract, but feels like I was played out


I’m very careful at creating a new thread, but I believe this is a different topic.

So I signed a lease contract last night and just woke up after sleeping a few hours. I now think that I was very emotional and signed contract without asking or thinking too much. Yes, I think there isn’t much I can do about at this point, but I would like to get opinions on it nonetheless.

I found out that my leased vehicle was initially imported to be used a demo, but it was never used. The problem is that my CA never disclosed about that. One of the BMW finance staffs told me about it after I signed a few paperworks. I should have stopped right there and asked or just walked away. That would have been the best choice whether the deal was good or not, but I did not.

There is checkbox under the “vehicle descriptions” paper, where it has new, demo, and used. This does not match since I was told that it was imported as demo, but never used as a demo car.

I like the car, but I can’t stop thinking that I was somewhat played out. Whether it had only 12 miles or it or not, it’s used car technically. My CA should have told me about it in my opinion.

I wanted to hear opinions about it before I even mention this to my CA.

I would appreciate any suggestions.

Again, I admit that I was dumb.

Soooo… did you get a good deal?

I thought I got a good deal. It was 1% more off than my other quotes. I cared about it, but I don’t know at this point. 1%+ is good, but that isn’t really that much. I would have thought twice if it is ‘used’ technically. or pushed for more discount.

everything sounds perfect.

Enjoy the car. :slight_smile:


Man you know we need breakdown. No clue what deal did you get.


2018 BMW x5 - final check up before signing..please suggest this is my breakdown.

I just did not want to make another breakdown thread. I already made two mistakes on that.

No need to worry and no mistakes here. If you create a duplicate thread, big deal… although some on here act like it takes money from them. You’re making a large purchase and want feedback, you should never hesitate with that.

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You got a good deal so stop worrying about it. Enjoy the car.

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So what.

It was imported for use as a demo but never used as a demo. At least you don’t have to worry about 100 different people beating on it. If it has low miles that clearly indicate it wasn’t used as a demo then its ‘new’.

If your happy with the deal then enjoy…


Exactly. You got a new car - enjoy it. The beauty of a lease is you don’t even have to worry about it in 3 more years.

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You’re at a bbq. Someone orders a cheeseburger but changes their mind, the person grilling continues to make it and when it’s done says to you here is a cheeseburger. You eat it. Does it matter that it wasn’t for you originally if you wanted a cheeseburger?


That’s a good comparison and I agree that I would not worry about it in that case since there is no trace…and…I would not know if that persons did not tell me.

For this…the vehicle is going to be registered as ‘used’ in DMV and insurance. I guess I’m just a little upset since it feels like my CA did not tell me intentionally and I’m not sure how I should take it since it’s my first time dealing with such thing.

Thank you everyone. Yes, I like that car. I guess this feeling will go away…

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How many people farted in it is the bigger question?


With all jokes aside, we are in the middle of December and I’m sure the CA had other fish to fry. If I were the CA, and I knew the car was going to be imported to be used as a demo but wasn’t, then it’s still a new car. He wasn’t trying to “play you” but the info was irrelevant at that point.

It would be a different story if Cameron put the car on jacks and kept the car in reverse to roll back the miles to cover up Ferris’ mistake.

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At the end of the day does it really matter if it is registered as used with DMV and insurance? It has 12 miles on it…it’s brand new to you, just not in the eyes of the state and insurance company. You don’t care about resale value because it’s a lease, so I’d move on and enjoy the car. Otherwise, you’re going to be fretting about it for the next three years which isn’t healthy.

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Just a wild guess, but maybe this vehicle somehow got extensive damage before being sold/titled and had to be repaired and couldn’t be sold as new anymore?

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Yes, but doesn’t damage over a certain dollar amount have to be disclosed? I know small repairs can be swept under the rug, but I thought major stuff couldn’t. Maybe I’m wrong

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They are called disclosure cars, and as the name suggests the damage must be disclosed.

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Did they mention of the 3/36 of included maintenance would still be intact? I’ve heard this doesn’t transfer, even in the case of technically used cars. Just something to ask or consider.

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I hope you are right as I like the car…