Signed: BMW X5 2021 x40i $755/month, $2100 Drive Off ($64,450 MSRP)


Interested in your thoughts please:

NY Dealership shopping.

I can’t imagine the MF to be .0001 and @nyclife got you :slight_smile:

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I got you.

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I’m not really sure what the MF is because I didn’t ask but it’s probably closer to .00099. I focused more on the bottom line payments when negotiating:

  • $2100 Drive Off
  • $755 (including tax)/month

Not really the way to think about it as all of it is part of the package. I think the buyrate is probably closer to 0.00083. But reach out to @nyclife I’m sure he will demolish this.

You can easily get at least 10% off MSRP with buy rate mf on that particular car form many brokers here at LH. I would not accept anything less than that. Reach out to @IAC @discountsales2020 or @leasecompanion

Where is OP located? @DMVLease is at 8%.

I can do the same or 9% out of Texas on sDrive.

ummm title says signed so I’m pretty sure it’s a done deal

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Must have just been edited… Weird

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Can we get a receipt with that statement?

Someone buying an X5 or X7 is typically in a different economic strata than someone buying a 3er.

While the economy has seen a large down trend especially on the lower end, this hasn’t really slowed down BMW sales in my own experience.


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What flies in one market may be a non starter in another.

This seems high but having looked at these recently there’s not been very many good leasing deals on the X5. I blame it on supply/demand. You could’ve got an X3 M40i that stickers at around $65k for $100 less a month or more but if you want an X5 right now you’re going to pay.

Which NY dealership did you go to? I’m looking for an X5 as well in NY.

I’m not going to argue about prices or discount but BMW sales are most definitely down with the pandemic. Obviously production was also down earlier this year so supply is tighter than normal.

3Q2019 BMW sales = 75,987

3Q2020 BMW sales = 68,439

That’s a 10% decrease in sales yoy.