Signed: BMW X3 2021 s30i, $557/month sign and drive


Just signed for a new BMW X3 this week, custom build as the inventory in our area was not great. Called around to multiple dealers in the area and this was the best we were able to get. 11.6% off MSRP pre-incentives (partially offset by higher money factor, about ~9.5% normalized).

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: BMW X3 2021 s30i, premium package, parking, ambient lighting (custom build)
MSRP: $49,445
Monthly Payment: $557/month
Drive-Off Amount: $0, sign and drive
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10K
Residual: 56%
Incentives: 2750
Region: Southeast (Florida)
Leasehackr Score:
Leasehackr Calculator Link:


Just for reference, you’re at about 9.5% pre-incentive when you adjust for that extremely marked up mf.

Yes it was a trade-off. Have been looking for months and could not get any other dealers in the area to these numbers. When factoring in shipping and/or broker costs (+ the hassle) to go out of state and get the lower MF, didn’t make sense for me personally.

I gotcha. It’s just more useful to have pre-incentive discount normalized for buy rate for future comparisons, which is why I added it.

Is there any how to on how to normalize this? Just play around with the CALC to get the numbers to work out similar?

Roughly a .0002 markup us equivalent to a 1% discount. To be more accurate, you can add the extra rent charge to your selling price. Extra rent charge = number of periods * mf markup * (adjusted cap cost + residual value)

I do have 2 quick questions:

  1. How is the aquisition fee $810? I thought $925 was base for BMW?

  2. You’re in Florida and got a dealer to only charge you $85 for a dealership fee? How? Most Florida dealers are between $600-900.

$85 is the calculator default. Probably just wasn’t updated

So then either the discount was bigger or the monthly payment is actually higher. Correct? A $600 difference in the dealer fee is about $20 per month.

I dont know the exact breakout but the total dealer/state fees were ~1240. Just made sure the calc got the total number right and didn’t pay too much attention to which bucket it was in. Its definitely $557/mo sign and drive, not any higher.