Signed BMW IX 50 DAP, Premium Package,


Signed Deal at the end of February. Learning from everyone on this site was a game changer. Really appreciate the community. Completely blown away by the deal and the car. Thank you to everyone on this forum. It’s like a cheat code for the lease game.

2023 BMW IX 50. Shuttle car (demo) 10200 miles. MSRP 98955, 1100 DAS, 693 monthly 36/10k. purchase price 73500, before 5900 incentive.

I can’t seem to get a photo to upload. Will work on that. The car is awesome.Anyone on the fence between a Tesla X and the BMW IX. Don’t be, the BMW is amazing.


I have tried to share the “signed” deal, the K will not upload and requires me to start over. I have emailed the admin. I want to show my appreciation for the community. Anyone have questions PM me. Thank you all again.

Congrats on the new ride! Add a link to your best attempt at the LH calculator

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Enjoy it! Drive it like you stole, because we basically did!

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