Signed: Audi A6 Premium Plus $547 incl tax + $3500 DAS

Will post calculator tomorrow:

Audi A6 45 TFSI P+
MSRP: $64170
Selling price: $56239
Rebates: $5000 AoA , Costco not applicable
MSDs: $5500
Acq: 895
Audicare 24mo : $1099 with 1% bump
Driveoffs: $3417 incl taxes, first month, $500 to ship
Monthly: $495.xx before taxes $547 after tax.
Term : 36/7.5

Note Residual is 1% higher because of added Audicare. payment includes $500 shipping charge. i can’t get it exactly right, but this is close.


Run this by @Bluemkn57cars as he has a good handle on A6’s….at first glance looks good. Obv if you asked for 7500 miles, I imagine your good with 7500 miles.

Need MF info and confirm if 36 months wouldn’t be a better deal. It usually is though occasionally we see a curve ball.

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It is 36 months Audi care is just 24mo

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@ApexHunt - Thanks for the mention.

If the selling price is before rebates, that’s more than 12% off MSRP.

Take the deal.


Nice deal. Congrats!

Yes it is and took it.


Mind sharing which dealer, looking to replicate this deal

Joined 1 hour ago? No sorry can’t share.

Probably an end of month deal, so it makes sense for OP not sharing the dealer.

yup. PM’d you the dealer :slight_smile:


So Cal or Nor Cal

I tried posting a new thread, but I’m looking t this calculator that is showing $500/month with $9500 down on an A8. I’m new and found this through a page I follow on Twitter so does anyone have a good resource for learning how to properly use the calculator?

The idea is to read on here for I believe 1 hour, in which time you can do some research using the search function. There is a video on how to use the calculator. After 1 hour of read time you can create your own post.

You’re showing $0 for Government & Dealer Fees which isn’t accurate.

It’s very rare to see a vehicle get 18.25% off MSRP which leads me to believe you are double counting your trade in equity.

Do you have a worksheet that the dealer provided? Did you go to Edmunds to get the correct money factor & resulidual value for the term / mileage you are seeking?


Thank you for the input and I found the car on and the price is showing the same on the dealer site. I’m getting ready to send out an email requesting a quote on the car and I’ll mess around a little more with the calculations and watch that video. Thanks again

The listing price in most likely is including incentives in that price. Which is important b/c you need to be able to separate the two variable for two reasons:

To make sure you qualify for all incentives and also to determine what the dealer discount portion of the transaction is.

On LH, as a general rule, it’s never advised to ask for a quote or a “what are the numbers” email and a far more effective way is to determine through research on here what is achievable though aggressive target deal and make an offer to the dealer.

Which vehicle is this and where are you located? With that info it allows the community to provide a more detailed and helpful response to your search.


And dont mention leasehackr or send the calculator…at all. Your calc above is was off, start reading leasing 101.

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What’s the “AoA” rebate?

It is an Audi A8 L and I am located in Northern California. I did ask for a quote so I can see everything that goes into it and to do a little more research. They currently have a $12,500 incentive and I’m not sure if that is factored into a lease as well.

Audi of America customer cash

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