Signed and Sold! 2020 M4 Heritage

I had the pleasure of picking up a 2020 M4 Heritage manual transmission on SwapALease!

Took over payments and after tax came out to just under 900/month. NY to PA.

Made two payments, put about 1800 miles on the car. Only paid transfer fee.

Buyout at time of sale $65,753
Just sold for $72500 to a BMW dealer due to new buyout rules. Plan on turning it in next week.

Security deposit on car, $749.

Could have made closer to 8-9k if not for pesky third party buyout rules. Absolute best summer I could have had, loved every mile, and only stalled a few times learning stick :).

Obligatory exhaust video M4 Heritage Exhaust - YouTube


I’m pretty sure you can still sell a BMW to a third party. You just have to get the payoff , they won’t provide it to the 3rd party dealer carvana etc. Unless that has changed again?

word on the street is it stops 7/25 but 6-7k not bad nonetheless, you had fun and got paid for it :slight_smile:

in the video sounds like you started the car with your foot on the gas :rofl:

I seen a red one of these in a local dealer start of the year. Really was stunning. Glad everything worked out and you made some money !

Nice job! What will you replace it with?

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Nice severance, congrats! :grin:


Two legs, and public transit in Abu Dhabi and Dubai :slight_smile:

Thanks Bear :slight_smile:


Wait- that was #1???

When I was in Abu Dhabi and Dubai early last year, all the taxis were Toyota Camry’s. So if you need a taxi, it will not be as exciting as the BMW.

I hope you mean Uber here. Way too hot for real public transit. Uber Black is nice tho in the emirates, and cheap. Mostly Lexus ES.

I’ve heard porn can do wonders for your issue.