Signed - Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti Sport [24M / 15k - $469 incl tax]

Just picked up this 2019 Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti Sport in Grigio Vesuvio. Beyond happy with the deal @legendsauto was able to put together for me in less than a day. As a salesman myself and fleet manager at my dealership (I handle all broker deals) I’m extremely picky, but I can definitely say there’s a reason I went with @legendsauto to handle my deal. They organized everything and made the process as painless as possible.

But that’s beside the point, here are the details of my deal. Sorry if some info is missing, I looked at it before I signed but didn’t take a pic of the structure.

2019 Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti Sport

MSRP: $45,5xx
Monthly Payment: $469 (7.75% tax included)
Cash Due at Signing: $2,000 (drives + broker fee)
Incentives: $3,000 lease incentive

Months: 24
Annual Mileage: 15k
Residual: Garbage (Forgot)
Region: CA


Santa Monica Alfa?
Does this one have CarPlay and moonroof?
Nice score!

I test drove the black one there and really liked it, the sales guy was actually super cool also

No sunroof (didn’t want that or blindspot assist). But it does have CarPlay. Surprisingly the car has grown on me throughout the day. I loved it when I signed, and love it even more the more I get to drive it. I definitely have no regrets whatsoever. Just an all around amazing car whether you’re ripping through a canyon or cruising on the freeway. :+1:


It is a hell of a car really.
Really thinking of getting in to one for a good rate when my current lease is up in June :smiley:

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Would you mind sending me the pink contract sheet. Hide any confidential information obviously, Im looking for this specific deal of this trim because I have a dealer wanting $559 a month for a base model with a moon roof and Y spoke rims, 10k/yr. Its a crap deal and they said they couldn’t do any better but I just need physical proof its possible in California to get a deal like this.

Same here, would very much appreciate the pink contract sheet. I want this car at this price.


He paid 2k at signing that brings the real payment to be around 528 a month i think. I had negotiated a deal on this car and ended up getting the 19 330i instead due to relaibilty issues and issues like ocd lol. So for a 46,500 around msrp i had gotten the dealer to 480 a month with 480 due at signing with 15k miles. So this is not a good deal.

You’re 3 months late :thinking:

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Congrats. Luckily I’m a 19 year old used car manager and $528 / month isn’t a big deal to me. It’s just a commuting car. $500 of the DAS was a broker fee to someone who has made me much more than that when I was in sales. And I’m not of the mentality that it’s immoral for a dealer to make a few bucks. I liked the car and I bought it, didn’t fineggle any harder and still relatively solid deal for the SoCal region.

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I drove one over the weekend , loved how sporty it drives .

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50% of the reason I picked this over a 530e is that I commute through a canyon :slightly_smiling_face:

Coincidentally, I had a loaner 530e last week. It felt like a land yacht . Lease is coming up in two months. Decisions , decisions…

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